August 29, 2016

CNN's Carol Costello was in for a treat when she had Trump surrogate Betsy McCaughey on her show. The famed "Death Panels" liar was happy to get another 15 seconds of fame blindly defending the utterly absurd policies of the Orange Tyrant's campaign.
Both Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager, and the former Lieutenant Governor of NY, Betsy McCaughey, have a vendetta against Hillary Clinton. This explains why they both vehemently defend the lunacy and illogic of the Trump campaign. But Betsy is just a surrogate, not a campaign manager and is obviously using this opportunity to get back at her arch-nemesis, HRC.

Once labeled the blue-state Sarah Palin.

McCaughey blazed to fame in 1994 as the person who drove a stake through the heart of Hillarycare, with a detailed (and, as it turned out, false) takedown of the plan

More notably, she sounded the (false) alarm that the White House aims to ration care based on patients' value to society--an idea that swiftly morphed into the "death panel" hysteria and then quickly became entangled in McCaughey's equally outrageous claim that the proposed reforms would force seniors into regular chats with their doctors about how to end their lives.

There is no beginning or end to the lunacy of this McCaughey interview. But here are a few examples:

COSTELLO: Mr Trump's updated immigration plan does not involve a deportation force for the 11 million undocumented people in the United States. That was Mr. Trump's signature issue, so why is he pivoting, if he's pivoting?

MCCAUGHEY: I don't believe he's pivoting, but i would say he's prioritizing, as all leaders do. Top priority, removing hardened criminals who are illegal aliens. number two, building the wall to stop the flow of drugs and drug trafficking gangs into this country.

COSTELLO: Going back to the deportation force for a second, I want to concentrate on that. What is his stand on that, Betsy?

MCCAUGHEY: Well, he met with Hispanic leaders a week ago. He's met with many members of Congress about this.

She mentions this wall as a deterrent several times throughout the interview.

Towards the end of the discussion, Betsy wanted to express how unfair it is that sick, undocumented people are overcrowding our medical facilities, and even told the other guest, DREAMer Greisa Martinez that she thinks she should get out of the country, and if she needed health care, she should just do without. She had a good response to Betsy's insensitive comment.

MARTINEZ: Betsy, I -- I'm appalled by what you just said on national television: that people like myself and mother and DREAMers all across the country should leave, because that puts you in the minority. 84% of the American public believe I belong here, and they know the gifts that we bring to this country, and so you have just defined yourself as a Trump Klan member, someone that believes the xenophobic vision Trump has for the country.

The final crazy exchange was regarding Betsy's assertion that Obama has been totally remiss when it comes to deportations. Obviously, she isn't aware of any facts.

COSTELLO: To put things in perspective, Betsy, since President Obama took office, 2.8 million people have been deported from this country. In 2015 alone, 235,000 people have been deported. So there are illegals being deported from this country already.

MCCAUGHEY: Good, good. no one suggested that wasn't happening.

COSTELLO: You just did.

MCCAUGHEY: No, I didn't. I said Donald Trump would make it a top priority.

Here's an appalling prospect for Betsy: Roger Stone, one of Trump's main confidants, suggested: Betsy would make a fine Health and Human Services Secretary. She's the one who invented the fallacy known as Death Panels, so yes, she'd be a perfect addition to a Trump Administration.

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