November 26, 2016

One can't help but notice that everything President Obama has said or done, or not said or not done creates fresh outrage among right-wingers. In fact, issues that were never even 'a thing' before are now the cause for concern among the self-righteous bloviating fools on Fox 'News.'

For certain, the soon-to-be-former POTUS should totally expect to be berated for promising to speak out if his successor is acting unlawfully, and dangerously.

Since this election has been marred by perfidy and corruption, it's only natural that a man of honor and grace like President Obama would be concerned with the incoming Electoral College 'victor.' This 'winner' lost the popular vote by more than 2,000,000 to Hillary Clinton. Between Wikileaks, Russian hackers, James Comey's FBI-sponsored witch hunt, massive GOP voter suppression and unusual electronic voting anomalies that always favored the Republican, how could any rational person not be worried? We haven't even addressed the utter lack of competence and preparedness that characterizes this reality TV star.

Neil Cavuto graces his audience--at least, those who can't seem to find the remote and have just given up and welcomed the soothing sounds of Marvin the Martian--with egging on his anti-Obama panel, punctuated with cries of breaking presidential traditions. The irony escapes the whole lot of them. We can easily name plenty that is hardly traditional or norm-busting about Trump: allowing a foreign enemy to meddle in our elections, continuing business with absolute corruption guaranteed, being accused of fraud and settling millions of dollars to erase it, having several sexual assault victims accusations that are unsettled, refusing to reveal your own tax returns, and so many more.

CAVUTO: President Obama is promising to pipe up if he doesn't really like the way things are going.

President-elect Trump isn't even in office yet but this president wants him and the world to know, if he doesn't like the way things are going, he'll be talking. A lot. Breaking with a tradition so, Charles Payne, is it going to make it harder on an incoming president when the guy replaced won't shut up?

PAYNE: Absolutely. Can you imagine any job do you want the last person that had it opining on your performance? And I tell you what makes it even richer: Barack Obama really has had no criticism from George Bush, even though he threw him under the bus every opportunity he could. George Bush didn't say anything. He didn't comment. The economy was -- he never -- he had so many chances.

You read that correctly. President Obama escaped criticism from his predecessor because he didn't want to show disrespect. GOP Bush-fatigue caused a massive outbreak of amnesia among conservatives. How soon they forget that Bush's successor was cleaning up the mess he made, plus, the GOP wanted Bush to keep his yapper shut! Even when Ford and Carter spoke up when Reagan was illegally trading arms for hostages and funding the Contras, neither ex-president was ever panned like Obama.

PAYNE: But really, to say somehow he's going to keep Donald Trump in check, he's some sort of a, you know, alternative out there, some sort of social conscious that will make sure that the new president does the right thing. It's absurd, but it does speak to his ego.

CAVUTO: Right.

Since Fox News sees the USA as the Corporate States of America, Charlie Gasparino and Cavuto both concur that proceedings should occur just like when former GE's CEO Jack Welch transferred power to Jeff Immelt without post criticism for Immelt later on. As if that's the same thing as the entire U.S. Government?

GASPARINO: Immelt used to say stuff behind Jack's back, vice versa, yet they never boiled over publicly. Jack never came out ad said a word publicly about the way Jeff Immelt acted, even when Immelt started cozying up to Obama being on the economic councils which i'm sure Jack did not like. I know he did not like.

How does Gasparino know for certain that Welch wasn't fond of President Obama? Has GE paid too much in taxes lately?

GASPARINO: There are subtle ways you're supposed to comport yourself in that position. Jeff Immelt is the CEO; the board, if they really have a problem, will get rid of him. It's the same thing with Trump. Trump is the CEO of the country. If he is lousy at the job, which he might very well be, then people are going to vote him out.

The difference being that this mythical board can immediately fire a CEO who is destroying a corporation. We have four years of destruction and corruption before another election happens.

These racist apologists all perpetuate the lie that President Obama is an inappropriate thug who doesn't seem to understand how to conduct himself as POTUS. Here's where the interview takes a turn for the unbearably awful. Yes, it gets worse. He asks former MTV veejay Kennedy, again, to share her gray matter, a place where there are plenty of 'vacancy' signs.

CAVUTO: You know, Kennedy, I can see the former president realizing that his entire legacy could be sort of derailed. He isn't going to like that and isn't going to stay entirely quiet while that's happening.

I SURE HOPE HE SINGS LIKE A CANARY! Kennedy has fallen for the 'uppity black guy' theory, and that's painfully obvious.

KENNEDY: Look what he's done during the campaign? He's made the entire thing about himself (he has?).

(Speaking as if she were President Obama)
'My legacy is so important to me, that you have to go out and vote for her'... He is going to be the most annoying backseat driver former president we've ever had... it is going to be annoying!.

I suppose she would know annoying rather well. The Clinton Global Initiative was unfairly targeted and maligned viciously by those at Fox 'News,' the entire GOP and even some Democrats who helped the media sell this awful product to us.

Kennedy associates the fake controversy with some fabricated commentary pulled from the rectum of the Envy The Clintons crowd.

President Obama, can no longer start a foundation! (Seriously? Says who?) Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have single-handedly destroyed the post-presidency for him, that's another reason he's resentful and not speaking of her in glowing terms since the election because now what else is he going to do? Write books?

Oh gosh no! Only idiotic fiction writers like Bill O'Reilly have the privilege of writing books.

This entire segment was filled with so much wrong. It's positively chilling how they can all agree on information that they know is a lie. I don't think they could pay me enough to willfully deceive a very gullible country, especially if they're going to Fox 'News' for their information.

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