November 13, 2016

Old "Terror Babies" Gohmert wants Mitch McConnell to end the filibuster to go after that third rail. Good luck with that Louie. Louie Gohmert doesn't have to worry about the carnage afterwards with the gerrymandering we've got in the House, but McConnell probably knows following his advice here would be political suicide.

On this Saturday's America's News Headquarters on Fox, after first spewing a bunch of nonsense about how they really wanted to cooperate on the Affordable Care Act, but mean old Rep. Henry Waxman didn't want any of their input -- rather than the truth which is that they did everything in their power to both obstruct and sabotage the bill from day one -- and even more lies about how they're supposedly going to pay for Donald Trump's border wall, Gohmert told host Uma Pemmaraju that Mitch McConnell needs to grow a spine and gut Social Security to save the children don't you know.

Nothing like "saving" someone by throwing them to the wolves and taking away their social safety nets, but hey, no one ever accused someone like Gohmert of using logic, or of being very smart, for that matter.

PEMMARAJU: What do you think about the working relationship between the Republicans who are on board with Trump and those who did not support him? How do you see this relationship going forward as he tries to make sure his domestic agenda is carried forward, specifically on the immigration issue?

GOHMERT: That's such a superb question, Uma. The thing is, we have got to sound the alarm loud and clear, and I am getting it out there now to start and hopefully it will be a campaign that will be strong enough to prevent what I’m afraid may happen, what's happened in the past. I saw it in '05 and '06. We were going to reform Social Security. We were going to totally reform, throw out the Internal Revenue code and start fresh.

And our leadership at that time said, you know what? This could be a term where we lose the majority. So let's don't do anything. I'm telling you, Uma, that could happen here. They get on board at first, the establishment people in the House and Senate say, yeah, we're going to do these things. And then they come back later and McConnell says, you know, we were going to do all this good stuff, but cloture just stopped us. It's time to use the Reid rule, set aside cloture with 51 votes and save America before it's too late. That has to be done.

PEMMARAJU: Well, that's what frustrated voters in the past in past elections, when the Republicans that were voted in and promised to do all kind of things working with the administration, and made those promises and they didn't. Voters were very angry and you got the “Tea Party” folks really mad. That's why a lot of folks were thrown out.

GOHMERT: This is our last chance. We can't have excuses like cloture keep us in following in the Constitution and saving this little experiment in government called a republic. We've got to do this for the sake of the next generations. We've been given a reprieve. We need to take it with all the vitality we can and drive this agenda that Trump was elected on home. He has a mandate on the things he was elected on. And I know some people say, well, he didn't win the popular vote. My gosh, look at the map. Look at every county in America that voted for Trump and tell me that wasn't a mandate.

We are not going to have the huge urban centers dictate the failed policies that have driven these cities into bankruptcy. It's time to get back that what made America great that you find in 90 percent of the geography of America.

Never mind that Trump campaigned on leaving Social Security alone, the goobers in "Real 'Murika" have spoken according to Gohmert.

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