November 15, 2016

Fox and Friends was happy to interview anyone from the Trump transition team, especially a popular guy among the network's newly empowered White Nationalist viewers. These people refuse to see the alarming similarities of Hitler's Germany to Trump's platform that fosters fear and suspicion towards 'others' which include immigrants, Muslims and Hispanics. Simply replace the word Jew with Muslim and the similarities to Adolf Hitler's speeches are disturbing.

Who could be better than Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach to empower Trump's bigots to rile up the xenophobic base? The guy who claimed "I'll hire the best people" is turning out to pick support staff far more terrifying than we could have imagined.

Brian Kilmeade and Pete Hegseth were tickled pink to hear the plans that Kobach revealed, a preview of Trump's America, now with more hostility and hate towards 'others.' He denounced President Obama for chaining 5,000 I.C.E. agents to their desks, lying that our very underappreciated POTUS didn't actually authorize record deportations, angering many on the Left. Kansas' Kris Kobach went on Fox News and lied, are you shocked?

One of the techniques favored by Right-wingers like Kobach are to demonize strongholds of the Democratic Party. They call these big metropolitan areas, a.k.a. America's biggest cities, Sanctuary Cities, which is code for ethnically diverse areas that want to relieve tensions between its residents, documented and undocumented. They have vowed to only enforce local laws and won't do the bidding of Federal immigration agents. Kobach wants to change all that and we know he will do everything he can, likely with the help of the other Kansas notorious K word, the Kochs. So many K's...KKKoincidence?

Kobach asked the federal government to make a special voter form for his state, and for Alabama and Georgia–other white Republican-controlled states. The federal government and courts turned him down.

But then, one of Kobach's acolytes became the chief of the federal Elections Assistance Commission. Kobach’s man Brian Newby is now the Executive Director of the agency that’s supposed to protect our vote! Newby’s first act in office was to allow Kansas, Georgia and Alabama to have their own special voter registration form—allowing those states to require proof of citizenship to vote. This may moot the ACLU's complaint because the federal form now includes this special extra hurdle for voters in those state to prove citizenship.

Requiring proof of citizenship is a devastatingly effective means to suppress the registration of new, young, minorities and low-income voters. So, the ACLU has sued the US agency as well. Weirdly (and thankfully), the US Justice Dept. is backing the ACLU against the federal government.

YES! OF COURSE he's a misogynist, like the guy who 'won' the White House, much to the delight of the KKK, the KGB and ISIS, but that's seemingly okay with Republicans.

Then the League of Women Voters joined the ACLU to sue the federal agency. Kobach's response was to call the League of Women Voters the "Communist League of Women Voters." Reporters couldn't believe their ears, so he repeated, "The Communist League of Women Voters."

Naturally, Kobach is 'motivated' by his party's biggest and most effective election-rigging scam: voter fraud.

For a guy who wants to wipe out “voter fraud” — which national experts have shown time and time again does not exist — Kobach appears to be involved in his own fraudulent attempts to prevent people from voting.

You think Trump wasn't impressed by KKs efforts to disenfranchise Hispanic voters? Kobach was the guy who dreamed up Arizona's "Papers Please" law, SB1070. Here's how he did it in his own state:

The voting guides on Kobach’s state website for English readers and for Spanish readers were slightly different, in significant ways.

The Spanish translation of the voters’ guides gave readers incorrect or incomplete information on how long a person had to be registered before an election and what kinds of documents could be used to register.

The bottom line: People who read and counted on the Spanish version of Kobach’s website “may find themselves playing by a different — and in fact, wrong — set of voting guidelines leaving them disenfranchised for the upcoming election.”

Fortunately, he failed at that particular effort, but he keeps on trying to make America White again and he has lots of money and political clout to try to meet that goal.

Each day reveals another awful reality. Trump has done everything to earn the suspicions that he will continue to behave in a deplorable manner. His actions already have appalled those of us who are paying attention and want to prepare ourselves for the worst. With Trump, the worst is the only thing of which we are certain.

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