Matt Schlapp couldn't explain why Milo's awful misogyny and anti-Semitism was acceptable to CPAC except to trot out tired conservative talking points about freedom of speech.
February 22, 2017

This morning CNN's Alisyn Camerota cornered CPAC's Matt Schlapp on why Milo's misogynistic and anti-Semitic rantings weren't offensive enough to prevent the original invitation to the conservative conference.

CPAC hedged for several hours after the Milo tape was made public, but after several conservatives called for him to be disinvited, they dropped him as a speaker.

CNN's Alisyn Camerota asked CPAC's Schlapp if he now understood why many college campuses found much of what he said so offensive that they didn't want him to speak to their students.

Camerota said, "Now do you understand why college campuses didn't think he should address the student body?"

Schlapp did say the tapes were a bridge too far, but then he defended every other offensive missive Milo uttered to justify his invite to CPAC and then used the same tired talking points most conservatives use when they want to bash universities. "They are so mean to conservatives."

He said, "That being said, what he was doing on college campuses, talking about political controversies of the day." "I do think it's a troubling thing, most college campuses are run by people that don't have my politics obviously, trying to shutdown voices on the right."

What Milo was doing was making himself famous in some conservative circles by acting and speaking like a misogynistic racist fool that pissed off liberals. And that's always a money maker for conservative pundits.

Camerota wouldn't let him get away with that idiocy. "Let's just focus on Milo, because he is a very interesting exhibit A, about whether or not it's shutting down speech or it's attempting to have some decorum, OK?"

"He is a professional provocateur. He crossed the line for you. He crossed the line with many college campuses so, just so I'm clear Matt, you were okay with all the misogynistic things that he has said in the past?" she said.

Matt immediately replied, "No, I'm not OK with it."

Alisyn replied, "So why did you invite him?"

Matt tried to get slippery, but his excuses w ere as lame as his invite to Milo.

Schlapp said, "Because I think when he's talking about these other questions that have political controversies I'm okay with having — first of all an invitation is not an endorsement, we have all kinds of people speak whose views might be repugnant to mine and others, but we want to foster a debate because conservatives can handle disagreement and debate on the stage."

Schlapp went on and on about shutting down political debate in this country because conservatives aren't allowed to spread their hate and then he actually justified having Milo on because.."political debate is what puts a light on intolerance and Americans can see that and make their judgments."

Thank you so much for trying to shove Milo down America's throats to help us, Matt

Camerota responded, "Aren't people allowed to have a line for they consider repugnant? You have one, you just cancelled him. So, what if my line is misogyny."

CNN then put some of Milo's articles on screen.


For some reason Schlapp doesn't find these repulsive articles offensive or could be considered a bridge too far to women on college campuses.

Camerota continued, "Your line is pedophilia, why aren't some college campuses allowed to say their line is misogyny?"

Schlapp weakly replied, "Well, they're allowed to."

And then he ignored Camerota's question and fell back into the woe-is-me-I'm-a-conservative-being-mistreated meme.

"A lot of times, somebody with my politics is called a hater..."

Poor Matt is victimized, even in corporate America.

Then the mansplaining began: "I think what you're really telling me, it was the right thing for us to do to take back this invitation because there are certain topics that are beyond the pale."

What's she stated over and over again is that colleges are not discriminating against conservatives by refusing to book a wack-ado like Milo.

Camerota is not Donald Trump, Matt. You don't have to translate what she said to have it make sense.

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