February 23, 2017

"I'm not going to the mailbox and picking up the checks."

So says Rose Mudd Perkins, attendee at Sen. Mitch McConnell's town hall. Her rant went viral as she said if he would answer her question she would "shut up and sit down like Elizabeth Warren." Perkins said she would love to be paid to go to town halls, she needs a job.

Too bad she's not a right winger. Remember Tea Partier Katy Abram? The one who didn't want her country to turn into Russia?

She got a job with Americans for Prosperity almost immediately. Team Evil pays well.

Perkins said she wished the media had covered McConnell's comments right before she spoke. She said McConnell straight up lied to the audience about coal jobs coming back to the region.

“That’s how they got the votes, is making [voters] think the jobs were coming back,” she said. “I am so sick of this culture of untruthfulness and, you know, we know right from wrong. We all grew up knowing what a lie is and what the truth is. And we have got so many of these polecat politicians telling us things that just aren’t true.”

Looks like Mitch McConnell's voters have lost the ability to identify a lie when they hear it?

The other town hall attendee, Sanjay Rajput, attended Rep. Dave Brat's town hall. Mr. Rajput apologized to Tea Party members who attended town halls in 2010: "I accused them of being astroturf paid."

Rajput repeated the old Will Rogers line, "I'm not a member of any organization. I'm a Democrat."

And he reminded Dave Brat and other Republican congressmen that just because they won their elections, does not mean they were "given a mandate to govern from the hard right."

They will never learn that lesson, sir. There's too much Americans for Prosperity money paying them to ignore it.

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