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Trump's 'Advisor' Visits Wikileaks Embassy, Can't Recall Why

Nigel Farage walked into the Ecuadorian Embassy where Julian Assange lives, but "can't remember" why he was there for 40 minutes.
Trump's 'Advisor' Visits Wikileaks Embassy, Can't Recall Why
"Forty minutes at Assange's hideout? I forgot!" Image from: Getty / New Statesman

I've been pretty impressed lately at the Twitter response to the latest Wikileaks dump: Why can't they "leak" Trump's Tax returns?

But then you have unelectable twit, Trump "unofficial advisor" and Brexit side-of-a-bus liar Nigel Farage going to visit the Ecuadoran Embassy two days after the latest dump, disappearing into the building for 40 minutes, and then claiming he "can't remember" why he was there as he gets in his car after.

Yep, this guy is said to be an "unofficial advisor" to Donald Trump. And Farage's biggest booster in the US? Breitbart.

Sean Spicer doesn't want to hear about it.


REPORTER: Nigel Farage was at the Ecuadoran Embassy where Julian Assange happens to be staying. Was he there in any capacity?

SEAN SPICER: We don't keep his schedule. [crosstalk] I have no idea. No, I have my own concerns here keeping track of what everybody is doing and generally don't worry about what's going on across the pond. Thank you.

REPORTER 2: The question is not Farage, can you tell us he wasn't there on behalf of the White House?

SPICER; Sure, he's not -- I'm not -- this is silly, I don't think asking where random foreign leaders are and whether or not they are there -- I'm sure he was there doing whatever on behalf of the --

REPORTER 2: He's not a member....

SPICER: He's a member of... I understand that... but I don't ...

SOOOO... Spicey wasn't prepared for that question on several levels.

First up, "world leader": "Farage has stood for election to the House of Commons seven times, in five general elections and two by-elections, but has not won any of those elections."

He was the head of the crazy party, UKIP, which did lie about EU's money going to the National Health program so that Brexit passed. He admitted to an appalled reporter that it wasn't true the day after the election.


And Farage has been delighted to come to this "side of the pond" where Trump and his followers see him as a success, because Fox News, until lately, has referred to Farage as a "British leader," something that makes Brits I know cringe.

The thing that's worrisome about Farage is (A) he went to see Assange for a specific reason and there is no way in hell it wasn't Trump (no one in British government would hire Farage-- the tabloids there would go nuts), and (B) if Trump is trusting this twit to be a go-between with the White House and Wikileaks, eventually everyone in the world will know what it's about. As if Farage knows how not to put his foot in it, he "forgot why" he was in the Ecuadoran Embassy for forty whole minutes, the end.

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