The lies are just too numerous and too insulting for actual career professionals and patriots. Trump needs to put a small finger up to his mouth and STFU.
May 13, 2017

"Andrea Mitchell Reports" aired this interview Friday, around noon, which seems to be the last calm before the storm known as the Weekend Breaking News Trump Dump. I am certain, however, if you are on this site, you are quite happy when the news dump reveals more unfavorable tidings for the charlatan, Russian-controlled puppet in the White House.

This week, seems a little different, but in a good way. Perhaps that's because we are absolutely certain of one fact: Trump has crossed the Rubicon with the Intelligence Community this week by firing James Comey. There's a few folks in the government you don't want on your bad side, and these guys are those folks.

Obviously, Mitchell's travels or tracking expeditions with the disrespectful 'Secretary of Oil State,' Rex Drillerson Tillerson have likely left Andrea a rather bad taste for this administration. It appears that Mrs. Greenspan is finally on board with the sane among us who are appalled, confused, perplexed and sick of this Russian-Trump scandal denial. Former DNI and lifelong patriot, James Clapper, revealed a few bombshells that directly contradict the liar-in-chief's gripes about this 'hoax' of an investigation.

Mainly this is the point: Clapper is putting to rest the claims that he was unaware of any ongoing investigations into campaign collusion with Russia, noting that the FBI often didn't share the details of such sensitive counter-intelligence investigations. .

CLAPPER: Let me first explain the unique position that the FBI occupies for law enforcement. My practice for the 6 1/2 years as DNI was to defer to the director of the FBI Director Bob Muller or Jim Comey on whether, when and what to tell me about a counter intelligence investigation. When the possibility was there that it could devolve into a criminal investigation, it was the practice that I followed here and it was consistent with what I did for 6 1/2 years. it is not surprising or abnormal that I would not have known about the investigation. Even more importantly, (I wouldn't know) the content of that investigation, so I don't know if there was collusion or not.

To put it simply, Trump's claim that Clapper denied collusion was as idiotic as, well, everything else he claims, which also includes his invention of the phrase priming the pump.

CLAPPER: I don't know if there was evidence of collusion or not nor should I have in this particular context. and if I may, one more point is what we were focused on and certainly what I was focused on, and the issue that we ought to be focusing on, I think, as a nation, and what we were very concerned about, and I say we, this was the three directors whose agencies participated in this, the NSA, FBI and the CIA, was the confidence lack of evidences that we want to sustain before we publish that ICA (Intelligence Community Assessment)...

MITCHELL: You're not attempting to clear or convict anyone of collusion? It is just out of your scope.

CLAPPER: Correct.

MITCHELL: Do you think the Russian investigation is fake news or a witch hunt, as the 'president' keeps tweeting?

CLAPPER: I don't believe it is, but that is kind of irrelevant... Well, I read, I heard about that tweet. i don't know what he meant by that. I certainly knew what I wanted to say and I attempted to certainly clear up this misunderstanding about what I meant, particularly on the interview with Chuck Todd on "Meet The Press."

Trump tried to lay the trap at the end of January and invited Comey to a private dinner, because authoritarians like Trump think that everyone who works with, not 'for' him, should pledge their loyalty. That will likely prove to be a fatal mistake for Trump, a wager that will reveal massive criminal entanglements, much like his ill-fated Taj Mahal Casino.

MITCHELL: I want to ask you about James Comey. You know him well, the 'president' suggested today that there could even be a tape, he tweeted out that tapes of his private conversation with Comey might exist and Comey should watch out for what he leaks supposedly. What do you know about that dinner? You were with him the day of the dinner.

CLAPPER: I was, the 27th of January, and the FBI, Jim hosted a wonderful farewell ceremony for me that I will never forget. and Jim and I spoke briefly before the ceremony and he mentioned he had been invited to the White House to have dinner with the 'president,' and he was uneasy of that because of the independence, not only of him, but of the FBI.

MITCHELL : ...Do you know why he felt he had to go?

CLAPPER: I think anyone who is a serving officer in the government, and you're asked by the 'president' for dinner, I think it is professional courtesy. You're in a difficult position if you refuse to go, but I do know he was uneasy with it. For just for the appearance of compromising the independence of the FBI which is a hallowed tenet in our system.

MITCHELL: What we're hearing from the FBI in our reporting contradicts what the 'president' told Lester Holt. He says that he was appealing for his job and at the same time, the 'president' said am I under investigation? And he said three times, twice on the phone and once at the dinner, no, I can assure you you're not. Knowing Jim Comey, most people who know him well, say that he never said that to him, he would not have said that to him.

CLAPPER: Obviously I was not at the dinner, I don't know what was said, but I find that very inconsistent. Moreover, anyone in a position subject to Senate confirmation: his is, mine was, understands that you serve at the pleasure of and it would really be I think inappropriate and certainly in Jim's case, out of character, for him to ask to stay on.

One other note, i would like to add, is on the issue of the morale of the FBI. I know the Bureau pretty well. I have been around it the last three jobs I had, the last 16 years, and particularly in the last one, I had a lot of dealings with the FBI, who also performed a function for me as my representative in domestic context...Had a lot of interaction with FBI people. here, and overseas, I had people assigned to me on detail, and the legal interactions overseas... It is often difficult when you're assessing the morale from a large complex institution, but from my vantage, the morale in the FBI was very high, and I can attest because of the high esteem and respect that people in the FBI had, and still have for Jim Comey. Sure, some people probably didn't like some things he did, but I think overall as far as his stature as a public servant, a consummate public servant in my view; he was tremendous.

MITCHELL: So for him to be disparaged the way the 'president' did -- for him to be disparaged as a "show boat" as the 'president' told Lester--

CLAPPER: That's not how I would characterize him.

Naturally, Clapper thinks Trump is a pathological liar, and thankfully, each day brings more proof that this is absolutely a spot on character assessment.

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