May 28, 2017

Katon Dawson, former SC GOP chair, wasn't all that prepared for the strong pushback he got from Joy Reid when he parroted the Republican party line on Obamacare:

"Does anybody in their right mind believe 23 million americans would choose not to be insured?" Reid said.

"At the end of the day, I've been very consistent. The party that owns the health care bill is usually the party that loses, except for the guy at the top, which was Barack Obama," Dawson said.

"It is something, I can't say that it's unfixable or unrepairable, but both of these plans start crashing under their own weight. I don't see the future for Obamacare because of the way it blows out money, and I don't see any success on the Republican side."

Reid was having none of it.

"Hold on one second. The only jeopardy to Obamacare -- there's two," she said.

"One, that the Trump administration could pull the money that has been pledged to supplement people's premiums, which Donald Trump has threatened to do, and the uncertainty by the constant threatening to defund the subsidies people get for insurance are causing insurance companies to jump out of the market or raise premiums.

"It's Republicans threatening the Affordable Care Act -- not to mention, you had Republican governors all over the country, including the one in Florida, refused to cover their own citizens with Medicaid, despite 100% match from the federal government.

"The CBO says it's not imploding."


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