May 17, 2017

The Liar-in-Chief, Donald Trump counts on America having a horrendous case of collective amnesia, much like his own. Regardless of evidence, audio recordings, video or the like, Trump will continue to create his own alternative facts, expecting to get a pass on his pathological lying and the fleecing of this democracy.

An adversary of his own making, the level-headed, competent, and brilliant Sally Yates is continuing to hinder his efforts to commit fraud and crimes against the USA without punishment. His prospects are more bleak, especially after last week's Senate hearings, when she handed him and his GOP cohorts their asses on a platter. By telling the truth, she discredits him as he so richly deserves.

Anderson Cooper 360 featured the first interview with ex-Assistant AG Sally Yates since the revelation of Comey's memos of conversations with Trump. Those memos are simply those trivial accounts of when Trump attempted to persuade Comey to drop the investigation into fired NSA Director and RT employee, Michael Flynn. Trump's recollection of the events are, of course, 100% upside down and insane.

COOPER: "President" Trump said about your meeting with the White House Counsel in NBC, he said, "My White House Counsel, Don McGahn, came back to me and did not sound like an emergency. He also said, "She actually didn't make it" -- meaning you, "She actually didn't make it sound that way either in the hearings the other day." Is he misinformed?

YATES: Well, I wasn't there for the meeting between Mr. McGahn and the president and so I don't have any way of knowing how that meeting went. But I know that we conveyed a sense of urgency when we went over and met with the White House Counsel.

COOPER: In a new testimony he is saying you didn't like it sound that way either, like there was an emergency.

YATES: I don't know if I used the word emergency, but when you call the White House Counsel and say you've got to meet with them that day about something you can't talk about on the phone and you tell them that their national security adviser may be able to be blackmailed by the Russians and that you're giving them this information so they'll take action. I'm not sure how much more of a siren you have to say on.

COOPER: That's not a typical day at the office.


COOPER: Don McGahn actually asked you at that first meeting whether or not you thought the national security adviser should be fired. What did you say?

YATES: I told him it wasn't our call.

COOPER: Was the underlying conduct illegal? Was it illegality about?

YATES: There's certainly a criminal statute that was implicated by his conduct.

Sally Yates, at that time, did not realize that Trump did not consider Flynn committing a serious crime against the United States to be just a wee bit problematic. She knows better now. He's certifiable. He's guilty and his behavior is commensurate with his sins.

COOPER Sean Spicer said that meeting was to discuss issues that were left unclear in your first meeting with Don McGahn. Do you feel that you were clear in your warning to McGahn on that first meeting?

YATES: Yeah. I don't think there was anything at all unclear about the first meeting. Mr. McGahn had some additional issues he wanted to discuss. But, there was nothing unclear about the first meeting.

COOPER: Can you say what the additional issues were?

YATES: Sure. There were three or four things that he raised. The first issue that he raised was essentially why does DOJ care if one White House official lies to another White House official. And so we walked him back through the same things that we discussed the day before, that it was really a whole lot more than just one White House official lying to another.

COOPER This was the vice-president of the United States being lied to who then went and told the American people?

YATES: Exactly. And then that we explained the compromise situation that this created again. So, we walked back through all of those things.

COOPER: So that's why the Department of Justice was interested, because of the underlying behavior, but also the potential for compromise.

YATES: Right. And we felt like --

COOPER: It was a national security threat?

YATES: Absolutely.

COOPER: You have no doubt about that?

YATES: I don't think anybody in the Intel community has a doubt about that.

No one with a modicum of sanity left in their body believes Trump and Flynn weren't colluding to benefit their Russian financiers. Period. It's only a matter of time before the whole rotten house of cards comes tumbling down.

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