Haley Goes Off Message, Tries To Claim Trump Playing Eleventy Dimensional Chess With Putin


Ooops, someone forgot to share the official "deny, deflect and counter-accuse" with UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Speaking with guest host Dana Bash on CNN's State of the Union, Haley had little hesitance in admitting what no one in the Trump administration would allow: that Russia interfered with our election. But then she just gets precious, insisting that the two hour meeting with Putin at the G20 Summit was some eleventy-dimensional chess on the part of the Mad Tweeter.

So, I think we need to all step back and just look at what we wanted to have happen. We got two very important leaders together and said, OK, it's time for them to meet. This was long time coming. What we know is that when President Trump meets with a leader, things do start to move. So, from my standpoint, and a lot of the administration, it was important.

What he did was bring up right away the election meddling, and he did that for a reason. One, he wanted him to basically look him in the eye, let him know that, yes, we know you meddled in our elections. Yes, we know you did it. Cut it out.

And I think President Putin did exactly what we thought he would do, which is deny it. And I think that is what it is. They're going to always have two different stories on this. They're going to always have two different stances on this. But at the end of the day, what was most important was for President Putin to hear from President Trump, we know you did this, we didn't like it, don't do it again.

Bless her little heart. She's so sure that Mr. "Art of the Deal" was being tough against Vladimir Putin, all evidence to the contrary.

It takes a really special level of cognitive dissonance to come on national television and offer something so laughable as a purposeful tactic from this administration.

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