Oh Noes! Trump Never Said The Words 'Radical Islam' In Afghanistan Speech
August 22, 2017

During Monday's presidential address to the nation about Trump's new super secret plans to win the Afghanistan war, a funny thing happened as he read the teleprompter. President Trump never proclaimed the words "radical Islam" or radical Islamic terrorists."

These remarks were obviously carefully vetted to make sure Trump never uttered those words, but when did that ever stop Trump from doing or saying anything?

When President Obama first took office, conservatives concocted a bogus talking point that since Obama refused to denounce "radical Islam" as purveyors of terrorism, the U.S. couldn't defeat them because we don't even know their name.

This nonsense was a constant refrain for eight years even during the 2016 presidential election.

Obama “disgracefully refused to even say the words ‘Radical Islam’,” Trump said in a statement Sunday. “For that reason alone, he should step down.

Trump even said it soon after the terror attacks in Barcelona on August, 18th:


On Sunday's ABC' THIS WEEK, Jerry Falwell jr., cited Trump's refusal to be "politically correct" as the reason he has thrown his wholehearted support behind Trump.

Responding to Liberty University graduates sending back their diplomas in protest of Falwell's support, the evangelical Trump tried to explain.

"My support for the president is his bold and truthful willingness to call terrorist groups by their names, and that's something we haven't seen in presidents in recent years, he said."

And in Salon, Digby caught this omission as well after the speech.

"He spoke stiffly from the teleprompter in flowery words that sounded nothing like his own and omitted the magic words “radical Islamic terrorism,” which, according to his own campaign rhetoric means he supports the terrorists," she said.

Is Trump a terrorist supporter now? Will Jerry Falwell Jr., denounce Trump for failing to name the true enemy?

Will the press ask why Trump refused to name the enemy?

Is the idea that "political correctness" is destroying America now passe?

What's the odds that he goes there in Arizona tonight?


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