August 27, 2017

The next time Donald Trump steps up to a podium and points his finger at a CNN reporter and calls them "fake news," I want you to remember this clip of CNN contributer Ed Lavandera and his crew rescuing an elderly woman with Alzheimer's and her family from rising flood waters in Dickinson, Texas this afternoon.

Tweet it to @realDonaldJTrump, in fact.

Because these are REAL people going above and beyond their jobs to protect and rescue the most vulnerable of us.

Unlike the fake president, who has at least acknowledged the existence of the rainfall (although in a weirdly gleeful way) and rescue crews coordinating, but has spent the better part of the day tweeting up "Sheriff" David Clarke's new book, new campaign rally in Missouri (where he won bigly!) and trashing Mexico.

This is the humanity that Donald Trump never shows.

This is the compassion for your fellow man that Donald Trump cannot feel.

This is the spirit of charity and kindness that Donald Trump has yet to express.

THIS is what America should be, not the nasty, vengeful, highly partisan world that Trump lives in.


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