Memo To Reporters: Trump Screwed Republicans Out Of Pettiness, Not 'Independence'
September 11, 2017

After Trump welcomed "Chuck and Nancy" into the fold and cut a deal on the debt ceiling with them last Wednesday the main stream media feigned confusion.

It's as if they had taken the "blue pill" and chose to believe whatever [they] wanted to believe.

The last two years were all one big blur, and since Trump negotiated with the Democrats, he's Teddy Roosevelt! Hail the chief!

On Saturday, the title of a NY Times Peter Baker article headline blared, "Bound to No Party, Trump Upends 150 Years of Two-Party Rule"

Did they really write, "upends 150 years of two party rule?" You mean our entire political system has been vanquished with one deal that ends in three months? And a deal revolving around a budgetary issue that was never used for political gain before Obama took office. You mean a deal that also would help suffering Americans from the horrors of CAT5 hurricanes?

The AP tweeted: "Trump the independent: The deal President Trump cut with Democrats seems to show a different kind of president."

Trump, the independent? Really? After giving the religious right every single thing they could want, including kicking the Transgender military community to the curb with the flick of his tongue.

Would an independent fill his cabinet with climate change deniers and 1%ers? Would an independent swirl his mustache at the thought of giving new humongous tax breaks to the rich? Right, I meant bringing tax reform to the masses. Sorry, media, my bad.

And let's not forget his disastrous Muslim ban or his defense of the white supremacists because they had licenses to hold a rally. There's only one party that identifies with that.

Are these staples of journalistic integrity that stupid?

Donald Trump only negotiates with one thing and the person in mind: Trump.

Here's one plausible scenario: Trump was sitting down with the four leaders when Ivanka interrupted the meeting to talk about her child care tax credit plans. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell then appeared visibly impatient with the interruption, so Trump gave the "deal" to Chuck and Nancy there on the spot, out of spite for how they reacted to his little girl.

It's not like Trump has no history of flipping allegiances in a heartbeat. As Attorney General Jeff Sessions could probably tell you. One day, you're his most loyal supporter, the next you're almost out the door.

Gov. Chris Christie was in line for a cabinet position, led the "lock her up" chants at the Republican National Convention and even picked up Trump's MacDonald's order, but one word out of place and he was out.

Unconditional and total loyalty is required at all times. And only from you. Always you.

As the New York Mag writes:

“President Trump, a man of few allegiances who seized control of the Republican Party in a hostile takeover, suddenly aligned himself with Democrats on Wednesday on a series of key fiscal issues,” blares the Washington Post.

These are not, in fact, “key fiscal issues.” Raising the debt ceiling is a pure mechanical operation that has happened with regularity under both parties.

Trump has been fighting with the Republican leadership since he took office and conveniently blames then for every one of his legislative failures. So it's no shock that he took the time to make them look bad once again.

Digby writes:

"Trump may not act like a Republican president. But he doesn’t act like a Democratic or an Independent president either. He doesn’t act like a president at all. It’s long past time for the media to stop trying to fit him into some familiar groove that they can understand. While he’s busy with his weird demagogic performance art, his administration is working as quickly as possible to enact the most racist, most right-wing Republican agenda in history. He is fine with that, as long as he gets the credit."

Chucky and Nancy are witnesses to what really makes Trump tick: Positive news coverage about himself.

So please media. Stop the crap.

The next time some reporter or pundit in the main stream press begins to opine that Trump is the next coming of the Bull Moose, shake your head, change the channel and very nicely call them out on social media.

We, the people took the "red pill" and are not in a dream induced state, happy to pretent that everything is awesome while being fed on by aliens.

Can you help us out?

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