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Fox And Friends: Liberals 'Seem To Have More In Common With The Shooter'

Fox And Friends now tells us that liberals love to murder and assault babies.

Former Bush speechwriter Bill McGurn took the very low road on Fox and Friends today and equated Dems to the mass murderers.

Isn't that special?

He's right that liberals like most Americans including many Republican gun owners, are frustrated with Republican lawmakers over their blind allegiance to the NRA and refusal to help prevent more mass shootings.

Offering up "thoughts and prayers" have been the only thing Republican lawmakers and Trump have been willing to do in the wake of mass killings highlighted by the use of assault weapons. The AR-15 and similar assault guns have killed over eighty people in just a couple of weeks.

Fox News' headline for the segment was "Liberals Provoked By Prayer"

This is a falsehood. Liberals are provoked by the inaction and Stepford-like behavior of the entire Republican party when it comes to the NRA and any form of gun control measures.

McGurn also took to the acidic WSJ op-ed page to write, "How Dare the GOP Pray For Texas" and called Democrats "deplorable" for making these criticisms.

Doocy said. "Then we saw something we've never seen before in such a visible way and that is the left attacked saying 'we don't need prayers now. We need action.'"

A call for action is just too much for conservative wankers to take.

McGurn was shocked that some twitters were not as measured as Elizabeth Warren. I guess he's never been on social media before.

He finally said, "It seems to me that perhaps some of those tweet writers don't quite understand the power of prayer."

Criticisms on this issue have nothing to do with the power of prayer per se, but when Republicans use it as their catchall, it is despicable.

When Paul Ryan moronically tells the world that what they have are only "thoughts and prayers" for those families suffering the most devastating loss a person can have, it's infuriating.

I love meditation, prayer, even hypnotherapy, but not used as a crutch for inaction. In fact it helps spur real action. Many Christians tell you that God has given mankind free will, so how about we use it to save lives from gun violence, dammit.

Sitting idly by and doing nothing has never been part of a Christian ethic.

Still, Fox News always tries to find a way to bash liberals at every turn, especially when it comes to sitting on religious right's throne of taking offense.

Doocy jumped in, "Because these who are people writing tweets and sending these messages out are essentially mocking how people live their lives."

McGurn replied, "Yeah, in fact in this they seem to have more in common with the shooter, who is from the reports, sort of a militant atheist on Facebook and talking about how stupid church goers were."

See how he just mocked people who don't believe the same way as Christian conservatives like McGurn do?

In essence he's saying 'How dare you mock us for our faith, but oh, by the way, you're just the same as a man who murdered twenty six people, many of them children, with an assault weapon, and who was able to buy an assault weapon even though he beat his wife and cracked a baby's skull a few years ago, because you don't believe like I do.

What a horrible, horrible, thing to say.

What a horrible, horrible, person he must be.

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