December 26, 2017

Someone's boss must have had a chat with her after she attacked the GOP tax scam for primarily benefiting corporations and "fat cats." Last week, Fox Business host Trish Regan ripped the Republicans' tax plan for supporting the wealthy instead of helping the middle class.

This Christmas Eve, while guest hosting on Sunday Morning Futures for Maria Bartiromo, Regan discussed what's next for Trump and the Republican party, whether they should try to move on to infrastructure, and whether or not Democrats would be willing to work with Republicans on an infrastructure bill. Her guest was former GOP Rep turned Fox contributor Jason Chaffetz.

Regan seems to have had a change of heart on the new law, and is now openly questioning whether or not Democrats are the ones who want the economy and the stock market to do well or not, and of course she and Chaffetz used a good deal of their air time pushing Republicans to do "entitlement reform," a.k.a. gutting our social safety nets.

REGAN: Well Representative, if they do not move forward on immigration, I'm talking about the Democrats right now, isn't that going to haunt them politically come 2018? So if you're approaching this from just a sheer political perspective, if you're Donald Trump and if you're the Republicans, don't you want infrastructure to be next? Because I'll tell you if Democrats vote against that, they're seemingly voting against one of the basic things that they have been arguing for for years.

CHAFFETZ: Yeah, again, I think they could get them on infrastructure. where do you find the money? I don't know, but it's going to be really difficult for the Democrats. At this point they've been pretty much a stiff arm and a block saying they're no on anything that Donald Trump suggests.

I mean Democrats used to support the idea that they were going to reduce the corporate income tax, but then suddenly because now it's Donald Trump they were opposed to it, so I think infrastructure is good common ground.

Republicans haven't been bashful in spending money. Democrats like to spend money. The question is where are you going to get all of that money...

REGAN: Entitlement reform...

CHAFFETZ: … after spending all that money on hurricane relief?

REGAN: Entitlement reform? Is that it? When you look at the money we spend for example, on things like Medicaid, these opportunities that we could take to start cutting and how much might it save us?

CHAFFETZ: Well, it will save a lot if you can get rid of the waste, fraud and abuse. Every administration talks about it and doesn't do much about it. I do think more block grants to the states letting the governors and state legislators be in control would be much more efficient.

It would actually save a lot of money but if you listen to Mick Mulvaney, the head of the Office of Management and Budget, he presents to the president almost on a monthly basis, hey look, this is where the real money is. It's almost three-quarters of the spending of the four plus trillion dollars that we spent in this government.

But thus far the president has not wanted to tackle Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security. They did make some progress on Obamacare, getting rid of the individual mandate, but yeah, that is where the money is.

REGAN: It's hard to tackle. This is why once you get something, this is why entitlement reform is so difficult. I mean, once you give it, it's very hard , Representative, to take it back and no politician I would imagine wants to be in that position where they look like they're denying someone something that they had previously gotten and he has said over and over again he wouldn't go near Social Security, and that Social Security would be safe for folks. So that would be challenging certainly for the president and for the Republicans I imagine if they tried to take some of those things away.

Let me ask you this Representative. Do you think the Democrats don't actually want the economy to do well?

CHAFFETZ: You know, allowing the American people to keep their own money in their own pockets, I mean, Nancy Pelosi was calling that Armageddon. Chuck Schumer was just, they'll rue the day. I mean, unanimously Democrats said we don't want the American people to keep more of their own money in their own wallets, so I don't know what it is they think they are going to run on and if you look at where we're going to be six, eight, twelve months from now when we actually have elections, I think the Democrats are overplaying their hand because anything and everything that Republicans do is somehow wrong.

I don't see them coming to the table with alternatives or tweaks or saying here is what we would like to suggest to make the bill better and I think that's reflecting through to the American people.

REGAN: Well, and people don't like that, right? Americans don't like that. This is why they're so frustrated with Washington, because nobody was getting anything done. We saw eight years of that gridlock. That's why the federal reserve had to be so aggressive. There was no economic policy that was meaningful coming out of Washington.

Now you're starting to see that and tax reform by most accounts is going to be quite stimulative to our economy, so I just question whether, you know, you've got Democrats there who are sort of looking at this rather begrudgingly, wishing the market wasn't doing this well, wishing the unemployment numbers were actually worse, wishing that wages would not increase because politically speaking if the Republicans have a win with this, it makes it very difficult in '18.

CHAFFETZ: When people are feeling good with their own pocket books, they've got a job, they're getting a promotion and you look at the indicators about home ownership and the way people are feeling confident in the economy , every one of those other indicators under President Trump is going up in a positive direction and that's just the reality and people vote locally, they vote on how they're feeling how their company is doing, whether their friends are getting jobs and I'm just telling you, President Trump I think exceeded all expectations in 2017. He's buoyed going into 2018, but January 19, mark that date, Trish because funding the government is going to be a battle royale and it's coming up before we know it.

That's pretty rich after we just watched eight years of Republicans openly obstructing everything President Obama tried to do to save our economy following one of the worst economic disasters since the Great Depression, all for political purposes, so they could try to make him a one-term president.

Lying and projection are all these people are good at. Once in a while, they let the truth slip out, as Regan did last week.

Don't expect her or any of them to make a habit out of telling the truth. Their paychecks depend on keeping up with the deception.

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