Jill Stein Refuses To Comply With Senate Russia Investigation
April 28, 2018

What is Jill Stein hiding? Clearly, she is hiding something...and is trying to justify it by claiming the document request from the Senate violates her First Amendment rights. First reported on Friday in The Intercept, the Stein campaign came out and said what many had suspected all along - they are refusing to comply. Period.

Stein's campaign delivered a letter to committee chair, Richard Burr, and ranking member Mark Warner, which stated that the requests were “so overbroad in reach as to demand constitutionally protected materials.” They also said that some of the elements of the request infringe on basic rights that fall under the First Amendment.

Um, ok.

So what IS she hiding? Will Mueller be looking into her participation as well? Was she an unwitting (or even worse a witting) agent of Russia, specifically running with the goal of peeling off enough votes from Hillary Clinton to increase the likelihood of Donald Trump winning the Presidency in 2016?

While Stein handed over all communications with Russian media organizations, as well as information about her 2015 travel to Moscow, she refused to comply with a request for “communications with Russian persons, or representatives of Russian government, media, or business interests.” Why?

One other area she refused to hand over information on: her campaigns platform on Russia. This is pretty interesting, considering Trump's sudden forced change to the GOP platform on Russia once Paul Manafort came on board his campaign.

Stein also falls into the Trumps "Russia Didn't Meddle In The Election Club And No Amount Of Intel Will Convince Me Otherwise" club. She is still "unsure" as to whether they meddled. No, really...I am serious.

So what is Jill Stein hiding? I bet Robert Mueller is interested in finding out the answer to this question as well.

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