Fox host Pete Hegseth completely ignored his previous lie about The New York Times supposedly not covering the capture of ISIS leaders and instead proceeded to attack ABC and NBC for not giving the story enough airtime on their networks.
May 13, 2018

So, what do you do if you're a Fox employee and you get caught telling a straight-up lie about The New York Times supposedly not covering a story that they actually beat your network to by days? Why, move onto the next attack and completely ignore the lie you told earlier in the week, of course.

As we previously discussed here, Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth went after the Times for supposedly not covering the capture of five ISIS leaders, even though they covered the story a full two days before his show got around to it.

This Sunday, during an interview with Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the topic came up again during the second portion of the interview, and rather than admit his error, Hegseth simply proceeded to move onto attacking ABC and NBC for failing to give the story enough airtime.

They started things out by attacking former Obama administration officials for not showing enough fealty to Dear Leader for pulling out of the Iranian nuclear deal, and for the upcoming negotiations with North Korea, even though Kinzinger himself admitted that the negotiations may fail and increase the chances for military conflict in the region. Pretty rich coming from the party that did nothing but obstruct for the sake of obstruction every single thing the Obama administration attempted to do for eight years straight:

HEGSETH: So this step vowing to dismantle and then allowing inspectors to come in and ensure that they do, let's say it happens, and that's a big given, but say that it happens, how important is it?

KINZINGER: It's ginormous. If you look at it, so we always have to be cautious. You know, some people I hear are railroad celebrating this as if it's the most massive victory ever. The reality is, though, this is the apex of diplomacy. So Kim Jong-un I think understands, I hope he understands that there is no more chances past here. If you're getting the president to meet with you, if you, you know, have taken this to this level, it is either going to be a diplomatic solution with a verifiable deal that means you will never, ever get nuclear weapons in North Korea, or I think, frankly, it means military action.

So this is big. Pompeo going and getting the prisoners released is huge. The dismantling of the testing site is huge. And the thing I like about this is this is all preconditions to talks. This is not, you know, in the prior administration where it's like, we'll give you four terrorists for one of ours if you just are nice to us, please, please, please. This is like actually coming from a position of strength.

HEGSETH: Well, we've had former Obama officials say the chance of this happening is less than one-tenth of one percent. Would you say a denuclearization of North Korea is -- truly is possible or is it still very, very far-fetched?

KINZINGER: I think it actually really is possible. I think it's also possible that it doesn't happen. What amazes me, though, Pete is like, you know, see, I still believe that politics ends at the water water's edge. When I was critical of Obama's foreign policy, I never did it in a personal way, and I always really cheered for him to be successful because I wanted America to.

When you say some of these Obama administration officials, now saying the reason Iran attacked Israel was because of pulling out of the deal when they know better or they're saying no way North Korea will work because of whatever, and they're doing everything they can not to give the president credit, it's really sad to me.

There is a moment at which I think whether you're on the far left or far right, you ought to really hope for a we get a peaceful deal out of North Korea .

Hegseth then proceeded to completely ignore his earlier lies about The New York Times while discussing the capture of the ISIS leaders:

HEGSETH: Absolutely. We should all be hoping for that. One more story, as a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan you'll appreciate this. Top ISIS commanders were captured by Iraqi and U.S. forces but some in the media barely seemed to notice.

In fact, a couple of nightly news shows, ABC and NBC when it happened gave zero minutes to the actual coverage. Other places have covered it, but there hasn't been a whole lot of emphasis. And so it's one thing to mention it as a news item, it's another thing to talk about the fact that hey, we've dismantled this terror group and we've captured five of their top leaders. What do you make of the sort of overall lack of coverage about this?

KINZINGER: Well, if they talk about, you're taking away from minutes you can talk about the palace intrigue in the White House, so why would you do that? Yeah, it's huge international thing, but some of these folks are more interested in the day-to-day drama that's going on, and in reality, this is massive.

The war against ISIS, when president Trump came in, ISIS was still a pretty strong international group, committing terrorist acts. They're on the run now. We've killed top five commanders, al-Baghdadi is next. It's huge and the administration deserves a ton of credit for it.

HEGSETH: Absolutely they do. So you're saying, ultimately, we'll give it a glancing blow, we don't want to cover it because it's time... it interrupts the narrow programming of resistance.

KINZINGER: You know, I was watching a news show the other day and it was right when Israel and Iran started attacking each other, it was thirty seconds of coverage on that and back to the palace intrigue in the day at the White House for thirty minutes.

And I look at it and I go, there are major things happening on foreign policy, like game changing, earth changing things. I think it deserves a little bit more intention.

HEGSETH: Just a little bit more. Adam Kinzinger, thanks for your time.

Don't expect an apology or correction from any of these liars on state-run TV any time soon, or ever. They lie and when they're caught, they just move onto the next lie and keep going.

I'm curious how they're going to handle things if these talks with the North Koreans fall apart.

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