June 12, 2018

Oh, these foreign jaunts abroad. Only the Sycophants and the Stupid (howzabout I call them the "SS" for short?) thought trump had the capacity for anything other than results that ranged from disappointing to disastrous. Boy, did he come through.

Ambassador Wendy Sherman was on Hallie Jackson's show, and she wasted no time, breath or syllables in her efficient and quietly fuming smackdown of the Orange Bloat. Her assessment was as brutal as it was clinically analytical. In other words, IT WAS AWESOME.

She said his statements -- praising Kim Jong-un, about those in labor camps, about Otto Warmbier's tragic death -- were not worthy of a U.S. President. Gee, how much time do we have to list the number of things he says that aren't worthy of a U.S. President? The things he says aren't worthy of a backed up sewage pipe, nor are they as articulate. But that's why she's the diplomat, I guess.

Correspondent Elise Hu continued to take the wind out of the sails of any of the SS ("Sycophants and Stupid," sillies. Remember?) might have about drumpf's alleged accomplishments. That promise to get back the remains of the POWs and MIAs? It is a big deal to the families, absolutely, and most importantly. It is, though, also something North Korea has agreed to before. Under the Clinton Administration. So, nothing exactly new, there.

Transcript below:

HALLIE JACKSON: Ambassador Wendy Sherman is back with us. Here's more of the president explaining why he decided to back out of that economic statement at the G7 summit as he was on his way to Singapore for the talks with Kim Jong-un. Listen.

TRUMP: So we had a document. I get into Air Force One. The television is on and I see a news conference being given by the Prime Minister of Canada. And I said, oh, that's nice, Justin is -- and then he talked about how they won't be bullied. I said what's this all about. He didn't do this to my face, what's this all about. But here's what the story is. We have been taken advantage of as a country for decades by friends and enemies both.

JACKSON: So, Ambassador, if you're Justin Trudeau, if you're Angela Merkel and watching everything unfold as you wake up this morning, what is going through your mind? How are you feeling?

WENDY SHERMAN: You're feeling like you are out there on your own, that your strongest ally and partner, the United States of America, is no more, and to your last segment, I have to say, Hallie, for a President of the United States to say that those in the labor camps in North Korea will be winners, that Otto Warmbier's death brought us to this summit, that Kim Jong-un is honest, trustworthy, smart, and someone very talented, those are not comments worthy of a President of the United States. So, for Justin Trudeau who was quite mild in his statement and Angela Merkel who has known the history of her country as an East German citizen before Germany was reunited, these are folks who understand war and peace, life and death, and that it's important to work and play well with others to get things done in the world.

JACKSON: And speaking of Kim Jong-un, we have seen his motorcade and we've been showing it to you on the move as he gets ready to depart Singapore and head back to Pyongyang. Josh, you had this great chart in Axios that showed the US favorability ratings in these G7 countries are slipping down the toilet, basically, in the administration of Donald Trump. Donald Trump really doesn't care how people internationally see him. But does what happened here in Singapore help or hurt that?

JOSH LEDERMAN: Difficult to tell. It's probably not going to have a large effect on the G7 countries. But the president, even if he doesn't care what they think about so much he definitely cares what the people in the United States think. He's trying to say everything is going fine with the G7. His trade advisor said there was a special place in hell for Justin Trudeau. People can see what's going on, and they're not stupid and they can tell how much damage is being done.

JACKSON: One of the pieces the president has touted and talked about is bringing back the remains of the POW/MIAs, the commitment from North Korea, and that is something concrete, and that is something that, to the president, is a big deal, Elise.

ELISE HU: It is something that has happened before. Again, we've talked about these four points before, and how a lot of these four points or all of the four points have been part of agreements that North Korea has signed onto in the past. This is something North Korea had signed onto previously under the Clinton administration.

JACKSON: Elise Hu, Josh Lederman, thank you for dipping into your Singapore evening and hanging out with me on set. Ambassador Wendy Sherman, thank you for dipping into your morning and hanging out with me.

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