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The Cult Of Trump Is Real And Coming To A Movie Theater Near You

Liberty University's film about a firefighting hero-prophet and his predictions can only be described as idolatry.

Liberty University has made a movie to glorify Donald Trump as hero-President. No, really.

Entitled The Trump Prophecy, the film purports to tell the tale of Mark Taylor, hero firefighter turned prophet. If you watch the trailer, it's as bad as it sounds.

Over at Patheos, Slacktivist Fred Clark describes some of the "prophecy" Taylor is spewing to sell the film:

  • The Illuminati will seek to undermine the Great Hero Trump (GHT) by creating hurricanes to interfere with elections in November. Taylor explains that the Illuminati — the secretive cabal of Jewish bankers and Satanic baby-killers secretly running the world — was responsible for creating hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
  • Opponents of the Great Hero Trump, Taylor says, are “not even human.” Their DNA, he reports, has been altered so that they are now “pure out evil” demonic creatures. These demonic non-humans, Taylor explains, “eat kids.” And because killing and eating children is illegal, Taylor says, the GHT will one day arrest them all.
  • This is why, Taylor says, protests against the GHT are not demonstrations, “they’re demon-strations.” Get it? Demon-strations. Because they’re demons. Taylor does not mean this as a pun. He means that those who demonstrate against the GHT are not human and must be killed before they kill everyone else.

If you haven't read enough, there is more at Patheos.

As Clark notes and I echo, Liberty University is an accredited university. People do pay a lot of money to go there -- about $20,500-$24,000 per academic year, with a 4-year degree coming in at anywhere from $82,000-$96,000. Loans are taken to pay these expenses, and this is the dreck they churn out?

Fortunately, it's only in "selected theaters" for two days, which is about the expected lifespan of a Dinesh D'Souza film, too.

If there was any doubt in your mind that Trump is the leader of a cult, let Mark Taylor disabuse you of that.

(h/t Juanita Jean)

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