September 19, 2018

Leave it to Tucker Carlson to avoid discussing Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh like a grownup and instead playing the most divisive and dishonest card he can pull out of his misogynistic deck.

Carlson’s game was sly but transparent: make Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh, who has credibly been accused of attempting to rape Ford when they were both in high school, into such a victim that he shouldn’t have to testify about it before the Senate because he’ll never get a fair shake from Democrats – and never mind that Republicans control Congress.

CARLSON: How do [Democrats] know for certain what happened 36 years ago? Well, because Brett Kavanaugh is a man, therefore he is guilty. All men are guilty, it’s the Y chromosome.

Carlson’s “proof” was a comment by Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) saying that Ford should be believed and men should “shut up” and “do the right thing.”

If one politician stands for an entire party, then all Republicans must think “when you’re a star,” you should feel free to grab women by the p***y, as Trump has boasted.

Carlson continued on his male-victim tear against Hirono, while pretending he’s the one who hates divisiveness. Just like Carlson holds himself up as a paragon of tolerance while launching a bigoted spiel. In this case, Carlson added an extra twist of dishonesty by mischaracterizing Hirono’s comments:

CARLSON: That’s a command from a United States senator. It’s not optional, it’s mandatory. So repeat after Mazie Hirono: Men always lie, women never do. One sex is evil, the other is holy. That’s the catechism of the church of late-stage feminism. Does anyone actually believe this nonsense? Of course not, because it’s ridiculous. It’s also divisive and crazy. Virtue is not restricted to a single gender or for that matter to a single race. And for a time it seemed like we had moved past ideas like those. They’re corrosive. But now they’re back.

Hey, Tucker, if nobody believes Hirono, how does she represent such a threat to Kavanaugh? But I digress.

Once Carlson had finished bullshitted his audience about his concern about fairness, he ratcheted up the divisive viciousness:

CARLSON: So because the left has already decided conclusively what happened in 1982, further evidence is irrelevant. As several Democrats explained today, there is nothing Brett Kavanaugh could do to prove his innocence.

Imagine you were accused of a sex crime and then informed by a lawmaker that there was no way you could beat the charge, no matter what evidence you presented, you could never be declared innocent except in some, quote, very hypothetical way.

How would you respond to that? You’d probably wonder what country you were living in. Definitely not America. These are the Democratic Party’s new standards.

Funny how Carlson didn’t complain about Sen. Orrin Hatch making up his mind in advance that Kavanaugh is innocent. Ditto for Trump, the leader of the GOP.

Instead, Carlson went for more divisiveness. He dredged up Chappaquiddick and accusations of domestic violence against Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison, as if Democrats' failures to condemn them is somehow proof that Kavanaugh can’t get a fair shake when, I repeat, Republicans control the Senate.

But by that measure, Republicans and Carlson have no standing, either. When was the last time they showed any concern for the 16 women who have publicly accused Trump of sexually assaulting or harassing them?

And then there’s Roger Ailes, the sexual predator who was Carlson’s boss. When Ailes died, Carlson never said a word about the misconduct during four minutes of reminiscences.

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