April 25, 2019

Now that the Mueller report has demolished Sean Hannity’s efforts to frame murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich as the leaker of hacked DNC emails to WikiLeaks, which suggested the Clintons were the murderers, Hannity has come up with a new, dishonest attempt to blame the Clintons for Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia. And her emails!

Along with his steadfast denial of the very damning material in the Mueller report about his beloved Donald Trump’s behavior (even Fox News’ own judicial analyst has called it “venal, amoral, deceptive”), Hannity has also refused to acknowledge, much less apologize for the complete discrediting of his Rich smears in it. But let’s not forget that the point of the deception was not just to scapegoat Rich in an effort to exonerate WikiLeaks, the Russians and, by extension, the Trump campaign, but to incriminate the Democrats and Hillary Clinton. Hannity’s Rich smears included repeated suggestions that the Clintons or other Democrats had had him murdered in retaliation.

Well, now that that has fallen apart, Hannity seems to have told himself, “There must be a Clinton pony somewhere” in the Mueller report. Now, he’s pretending to have found one.

From the Hannity show opening monologue last night (transcript via Fox News, with my emphases added):

HANNITY: We start with an even bigger development of the tin foil hat conspiracy media mob, what they haven't telling you about, because we are learning from "The Washington Examiner" tonight, Robert Mueller's report contains a claim that Russians recorded then President Bill Clinton having phone sex with Monica Lewinsky back in the 1990s. Wow.

The explosion allegedly, purportedly is in the redacted report released to the public, not there but it's in the redacted section.

The “explosive” claim is about a redaction on Page 109 of Volume I of the Mueller report. It references an August, 2016 meeting between Jared Kushner and a Russian-born American named Dmitri Simes who provided “Clinton-related” material to Kushner. A description of that material was redacted in the report for “personal privacy” reasons. The Mueller report also states that Simes perceived Kushner to be uninterested in the material because it was “old news” and not useful against the Clinton campaign.

According to The Washington Examiner, the redacted material relates to an allegation that Russia taped Bill Clinton having phone sex with Monica Lewinsky.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the latest straw Hannity is grasping at in what looks like a desperate effort to suggest that the Clintons and even former President Barack Obama are the real Russia-collusion culprits. For extra smearing points, Hannity also seems to suggest that Hillary Clinton and Obama hid her emails to cover up the damaging Lewinsky tapes. You know, the affair we’ve known about for decades.

HANNITY: Remember, Ken Starr in his 1998 report identified at least 17 phone sex calls conversations between 1996 and '97. And wrote that President Clinton, quote: suspected that foreign embassy was tapping his telephone. But he did it anyway, even proposing, quote, cover stories to Lewinsky if it turned out they were actually being monitored.

Now, so far, the special counsel at the Department of Justice, they are refusing to comment but wouldn't it be something hear the boomerang?

Operation Boomerang not Hurricane after all the media hysteria surrounding Trump and Russia and Stormy, Stormy, Stormy, the lies, the conspiracy theories, the phony dossier, Uranium One, that it was the Clintons totally compromised all along and everything they were accusing Trump of was actually true about them.

We already know the Clinton campaign were the ones colluding with the Russians. Yes, they paid for a dirty Steele dossier. Yes, oh, with Russian lies. Hillary, she was the one that used the private secret server that put our national security at risk. We believe six foreign intelligence agencies hacked into that, and even now the story is taking a bigger turn.

According to Judicial Watch, former senior FBI official Bill Priestap admitted under oath in court ordered discovery that the agency found Clinton email records from her private server in the Obama White House, specifically the executive office, that's right, of President Obama.

Now, again, we asked: what did Obama know and when did he know it?

We're the first to ask and we do need an answer. The story doesn't stop there because we also have confirmation tonight that nearly 49,000 Clinton emails were found on Anthony Weiner's laptop.

And who wants to guess? They all weren't about grand kids, yoga, a wedding and a funeral as she claimed. So, what does this all mean?

That Barack Obama now appears to be more firmly implicated in the Clinton's email scheme than previously thought. Remember, they talked about, well, one high ranking official. We know Obama emailed Hillary on her private server.

In case you think that Hannity really has a big scoop on his hands, consider the fact that such an “explosive” “boomerang” would surely be a top headline on FoxNews.com. In fact, a search of "Clinton" came up with nothing on the home page as I wrote this. What's also telling is that Hannity didn’t have a single Fox reporter on his show to cover this big “bombshell.” Instead, he hosted Sara Carter, a Fox News contributor he misleadingly identified as a “Fox News investigative reporter” to discuss Clinton.

Watch Hannity’s latest bogus attempt to make Trump’s bad behavior about the Clintons and Obama above, from the April 24, 2019 Hannity.

Republished with permission from NewsHounds.us

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