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Joe Biden Lives In A Magical Place Which Does Not Exist

If Joe Biden is seriously running for the 2020 nomination, he should start by living in reality.
Joe Biden Lives In A Magical Place Which Does Not Exist
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Of all the unserious things I've seen former Vice President Joe Biden say, this is probably the worst. According to reports, Biden told reporters, "With Trump gone, you're going to begin to see things change. Because these folks know better. They know this isn't what they're supposed to be doing." Mind you, this is in the context of Biden responding to charges he's "stuck in the past."

And then he went another step farther. According to the pool reporter, Biden used -- wait for it -- Merrick Garland's nomination as evidence.

“Biden backed up the claim by recalling when he called 12 of his former Republican colleagues after Merrick Garland’s SCOTUS nomination was blocked by McConnell and they all expressed external concerns,” the pool report stated.

EXCUSE ME? Where is "JUSTICE" Merrick Garland, Joe Biden? Expressing "external concerns" is just so precious, but they couldn't express the strength of their convictions that involved standing up to Mitch McConnell, could they? And they couldn't do that because every Republican is complicit and fully coopted by Trump.

Anyone who is crazy enough to think Republicans will peel off from Dear Leader needs to sit down over there and let the serious candidates take the stage.

I am not alone in my sentiments, expressed in a reply to this tweet:

And so it goes. I don't know how loudly we all have to shout, "HEY, JOE BIDEN, MERRICK FCKING GARLAND, GOOD BUDDY!!!!" before he gets it. To me, there's no way he's serious about landing the nomination with this nonsense. None whatsoever. The only way anything good will happen is when the Republican Party is dead, buried, and thoroughly discredited for all of history. Period.

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