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Ted Cruz Defends YouTube Hate Speech

Ted Cruz takes time out of his busy (?) day to tweet a defense of a right-wing YouTube homophobe. Hate speech isn't free speech, Ted.
Ted Cruz Defends YouTube Hate Speech

Last week we reported on Carlos Maza, a YouTube creator for Vox.

Right wing YouTuber Steven Crowder, has attacked Maza frequently on the popular "Louder with Crowder" channel.
Crowder is a virulent anti-LGBTQ commentator on YouTube, who frequently harasses members of the gay community on his channel. As Maza said on a viral Twitter thread directed at YouTube:

This isn't about "silencing conservatives." I don't give a flying f*ck if conservatives on YouTube disagree with me. But by refusing to enforce its anti-harassment policy, YouTube is helping incredibly powerful cyberbullies organize and target people they disagree with.

Wednesday Crowder was finally de-monetized by YouTube.

Youtube is not the federal government. They can ban anyone for being a purveyor of hate speech or bullying without "violating free speech." In this case, they hit Crowder in the pocketbook, so he couldn't make millions off of his homophobia.

Racism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia have increased tenfold under the Trump administration. Those who endorse this hate have found a home on social media platforms. It's up to those platforms to curtail transmission of their diseased messaging.

Cue up the ever disgraceful Senator Ted Cruz. He hasn't found an instance yet when he couldn't turn a situation into "conservatives being attacked or silenced" in some form either by in the media or social platforms.

If you're not familiar with the movie Star Chamber, it starred Michael Douglas, who found out after becoming a judge that there was a secret cabal of judges that were exacting their personal form of vengeance against any criminal they felt should not have been found innocent by a jury. And they did not care if an innocent was killed in the process.

That's not the case for Steven Crowder.

YouTube has not silenced Steven Crowder, only removed his monetary incentive.

We're not talking about differences in policy or views on certain social issues. Ted Cruz is defending homophobic bullying in all its glory.

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