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How Much Longer Will NRA Members Be Suckers Supporting Wayne LaPierre's Lavish Lifestyle?

The amount of money has NRA spent on Chief Executive Wayne Pierre's champagne tastes and caviar dreams is astounding. How long are NRA members willing to be suckered into paying for it?

Lots of jobs offer perks for their employees: 401ks, discounts, gas cards. Executives get even better ones. I know an executive for a automation robotics company in Chicago who flies home to the San Francisco Bay Area every weekend on the company dime, and stays in a company-provided Lakeshore apartment during the week. That's a serious perk.

But that pales in comparison to the perks demanded by the NRA's Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre and his wife, Susan, to maintain a lavish public lifestyle and profile. Mansions, designer suits, stylists and make up artists, first class flights for the whole posse, and trips to glamorous locations worldwide, all part and parcel of being the face of the NRA.

It's a hell of a deal if you can get it.

But how does LaPierre get such a great deal? Every dime that goes into his pocket come from member donations. All those emails exhorting members of all these threats from mean liberals going after their guns? That pays for Wayne and Susan to go to Lake Como, Italy or the Bahamas or buy another Ermenegildo Zegna suit.

It's not as if LaPierre's extravagant tastes haven't been of concern before. Oliver North lasted less than a year as president of the NRA before he was ousted for basically sounding the alarm of the NRA bleeding money. And now, the New York state Attorney General is investigating.

So NRA members, how much longer are you going to be suckers, paying for Wayne LaPierre's elitist lifestyle?

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