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Trump Bizarrely Attacks Fox News Over His Bad Poll Numbers

Our delusional "president" chooses to disbelieve the polls conducted by his own state news channel.

On Sunday, Donald Trump told the media how much he despised Fox News of late after their own polls have him trailing several Democratic candidates.

In the latest Fox News poll, his overall approval rating dropped three points to 43%.

Adding insult to injury, Biden, Warren, Bernie, and Harris have all passed him by a significant number.

Instead of having actual White House press briefings, Trump's been getting away with holding court on the South Lawn of the White House. He spews his usual nonsense, while getting virtually no pushback from any of the reporters taking dictation.

It suits his needs very well.

While in New Jersey on Sunday, a reporter asked what he made out of the latest Fox News poll.

Trump replied, "Fox is a lot different than it used to be."

Fox News has always been a mouthpiece for the GOP, which was Roger Ailes' objective when he created it, but it's never glorified a man as much as it has Trump. And it's ongoing as I write this.

That didn't stop Trump from weirdly attacking Democratic pundits that appear on the network as if only staunch conservative views and pundits are acceptable voices on Fox News while conflating polls with pundits.

"Juan Williams, then they have the wonderful woman that gave Hillary Clinton the questions," he ranted, referring to former DNC chair Donna Brazile. "That was a terrible thing and all of a sudden, she's working for Fox. What's she doing working for Fox?"

Trump is now in charge of Fox News' hiring practices. Gotcha.

"Fox has changed, and my worst polls have always been from Fox," he lamented. "There's something going on at Fox — I'll tell you right now. And I'm not happy with it."

Turning back to his rant on pundits, Trump aimed at Juan Williams again. He's been a stalwart on that network since the early days of Bill O'Reilly.

"Williams has never said a positive thing, and yet when I show up at the Fox building, he's out there, oh, sir, can I have a picture with you? Can I have a picture? He was 100% nice," Trump groused.

Trump then threatened the Fox News hierarchy by insinuating he'd screw them over when it's time for presidential debates.

Trump said, "Fox was treated very badly by the Democrats — very, very badly having to do with the Democrats and other things. And I think Fox is making a big mistake because you know, I'm the one who calls the shots on the really big debates. I guess we're probably planning on three of them. And I'm not happy with Fox."

He made clear to Fox executives he wants only his most trusted sycophants anchoring the presidential debates.

Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro, and Jesse Watters would be his perfect choices.

This is a man trying to bully his way into controlling every aspect of the media and don't be surprised when he demands that the crazy OANN network gets a presidential debate.

Maybe Democrats should simply refuse to debate, like Trump did back in 2016.

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