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Tucker Carlson's White Power Hour Guest: AOC's District Is The 'Least American'

Tucker and his pal Seth Barron spent some time Tuesday night wondering why AOC's district is so "dirty." Of course they had an answer for that.

Tucker Carlson invited fellow white supremacist and Manhattan Institute NYC Project Director Seth Barron to join him on his show with the specific aim of trashing AOC's district.

Why, Tucker wondered, was it that AOC's district was so dirty? "You think that the little piece of America you're responsible for, that you represent in the Congress, would be clean but hers isn't," he sneered.

As you can imagine, Barron had an answer. And when you hear it, you will not doubt that these two would be marching in a KKK parade if they didn't have some work to do hammering their white supremacism home to viewers.

BARRON: Well, part of the reason is because her district is actually one of the least American districts in the country. Now by that, I don't mean that it's not part of America, but it's occupied by relatively few American citizens. A very high percentage of her district is, in fact, illegal aliens. Now, the way they inhabit housing there is such that they live in a lot of illegal spaces, like basements and many people live there. So they wind up producing a lot of garbage that the landlords don't want thrown out normally. So hence, you wind up with a lot of garbage on the streets, you have illegal food vendors pouring their pig grease into the gutters. I mean I worked out there, it can be a little gross.

Pig grease in the gutters. Living in "illegal spaces." Oh, how...gross, this poor excuse for a human being is. He's perfect for Tucker but not worthy of the rest of us.

The greasy pig is the guy gabbling on about "illegal aliens" in AOC's district. Here's some information from the last census about the demographics of her specific district. I'd also like to note that we find burger wrappers on the sidewalk in the white suburbs, too.

(h/t Media Matters)

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