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Sen. Kamala Harris Roasts John Cornyn On A Spit With Fourteen Words

Cornyn has the nerve to interrupt her speech on the Senate floor about the shortcomings of the Justice in Policing Act, and doesn't even have the brains to recognize his massive error.

Whose idea was it for John Cornyn to come after Sen. Kamala Harris on police reform, Senate procedure, transparency, or frankly, anything for that matter? It's the perfect example of white male mediocrity being blasted into the ether by Black female brilliance and preparedness.

First, (before the video above begins,) Cornyn asked Sen. Harris if she was aware — if she was AWARE — the GOP's no-teeth, no-reform police bill that the Democrats planned to vote against included the anti-lynching legislation she and Sen. Booker sponsored. This S.O.B. As if one of the smartest and most prepared legislators in the Senate wouldn't be AWARE of her own legislation. She answered,

"The same one that Rand Paul obstructed a couple of weeks ago? Yes, I am aware of that."

Right then and there he should have sat his ass down, and known he was out of his league. Of course, he didn't, because white men never think they're beat. She continued, listing the reasons Democrats won't sacrifice the critical issues of no-knock warrants, chokehold bans, police accountability, national standards for use of force, independent investigators for the one anti-lynching issue. Those other issues are the ones that would have helped keep so many of the Black people we mourn alive. None of them is in that toothless GOP policing bill.

Yet, our Texas Senator pressed on, asking again if she was AWARE Senate procedure allowed Senators to offer amendments to improve legislation once it's been taken up. Like he's teaching a 5-year-old who has never seen the inside of the Capitol building. Sen. Harris gears up again, her face saying, "Oh, you wanna challenge me on process?"

First, she reminds him that she and Cornyn both serve on the Judiciary Committee, as do the authors of the Senate policing bill she is opposing. THEN, she roasts Mitch McConnell without even mentioning his name.

HARRIS: We have asked that there would be a meaningful discussion of the Justice in Policing Act in that committee. None has occurred. So, if we're gonna talk about process, let us look at all the tools that are available to well-intentioned, well-meaning legislators if the goal is actually to solve and address the issue at hand.

I've seen no evidence of that. I've seen no evidence that, in fact, I've seen, reading some of the newspapers, sometimes they get things wrong, but if they got it right, the Senate Leader said that he has no interest in engaging in that kind of discussion or debate before we put the bill on the floor for a vote tomorrow.

And because, apparently, Sen. Cornyn's career has a death wish, a masochistic streak, or both, he requested one more question of Sen. Harris. Then he stood there for a good 8 seconds before he said a word.

CORNYN: What I'm trying to fathom, Madam President, is why the Senator would rather have these negotiations behind closed doors, as opposed to on the floor of the Senate, for the American people to see broadcast on television. Don't you think that sort of interaction and debate out and in front of all 330 million Americans would be beneficial to healing our country and coming to some consensus about what the appropriate reforms should be?

HARRIS: Indeed, that is the beauty of the Judiciary Committee. Our meetings are public meetings.


I mean...has anyone seen Sen. Cornyn's pride? Is it hiding in the same place his intellect?

Twitter had, shall we say, feelings about this exchange.

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