President Biden delayed his visit to Texas in order to avoid hampering the recovery effort by diverting resources but Fox’s Jason Chaffetz accused him of avoiding the cold weather, then attacked others for their “phony, selective” outrage.
February 21, 2021

Chaffetz may be a first-class asshole and s***head, but he’s not stupid and probably not ignorant. So, I will have to conclude he was lying in his introduction to a discussion with former Energy Secretary and former Texas governor Rick Perry:

CHAFFETZ: Yesterday, as Texas continued to suffer under a massive and deadly winter storm the commander in chief, Joe Biden, took a snow day. Watch this.

Where is our commander-in-chief? You know that new guy? Oh, that's right, this morning, he decided to take a snow day. The guy ultimately in charge of FEMA and all the country's emergency resources and federal agencies, yes, he took a day off in the middle of this natural disaster. Where is the phony, selective liberal outrage on this? I guess to be fair, it's not even really totally clear that Joe even fully understands what's going on in Texas.

This couldn’t be more dishonest, deceitful and disgusting. In the first place, it’s not Biden who decided to jet off for a luxury vacation in Cancun while his constituents froze. No, Biden has taken many steps to assist the state, including deploying FEMA and other resources.

Chaffetz also disingenuously sneered, “After the show last night, the Biden team felt the need to release a tweet. Biden now plans to visit the state sometime after the weather warms up.” Despite Chaffetz’s smarmy insinuation that Biden didn’t want to visit Texas during the cold, the truth - as Chaffetz almost surely knows – is that a presidential visit diverts resources that could otherwise be used to help Texans.

But then again, lies at taxpayer expense is what we have come to expect from former Congressman Chaffetz, who spent millions of taxpayer dollars exploiting tragedy in Benghazi in a fruitless effort to blame Hillary Clinton.

Now, Chaffetz is all for exploiting tragedy again:

CHAFFETZ: No doubt Democrats will use the winter storm as a political tool to push their radical agenda. Already, the United States has reentered the Paris Climate Accord. No time to waste. Biden's green energy oracle John Kerry now claims we have just nine years to save the planet.

Project much, Jason? His obvious goal was to help Perry continue the Fox/GOP BS effort to blame AOC and green energy for the Texas power outage. Nobody bothered to mention it but Perry is up to his eyeballs in ties to the oil and gas industry.

“To hear Joe Biden, the president, talk about this, he believes the Paris Climate Accord is going to help save this situation," Chaffetz said. Never mind that Biden signed an order to rejoin the Paris agreement weeks before the Texas disaster.

On Fox, questions like that are really prompts for guests to start up their talking points. Perry took the cue.

PERRY: I'll tell you, last week in Texas, as people were losing their power, thank God we had fossil fuels in this state because if all we had had was the AOC, Green New Deal plan, with wind and solar, we would have had a massive disaster on our hands. As it was, fossil fuels are what really saved the day here.

So, I think the wise move here is coming up with the innovation. Look at ways to create new diversity. Use all of your natural resources wisely, cleanly, which we've done in this country. All the climate agreement is going to do is to let countries like China off the hook. They are going to continue to develop their energy resources, climate be damned, and America will pay the price. I don't understand why John Kerry and President Biden can't see the truth to that.

CHAFFETZ: They live in a different bubble and it's the Washington, D.C. bubble and it's not rooted in reality.

I'll just let that last remark speak for itself.

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