March 12, 2021

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace called out Larry Kudlow' newfound worries about the federal deficit and claiming an infrastructure deal will destroy American jobs and turn the country into green socialists.

While awaiting President Biden's speech at the rose garden on the American Rescue Plan Act, co-host Sandra Smith played a clip of the stupidest man in economics, Larry Kudlow, and then asked for Wallace's comments.

"Well, let me say a couple of things. first on the deficit and the debt, it's interesting when people are out of office, they are very concerned about that. when they are in office, they are not so concerned about it," Wallace said. "Larry Kudlow, when he was working in the Trump White House and passing huge tax cuts and huge spending plans including multi-trillion dollar bills for COVID relief, there wasn't so much concern about the deficit and debts. He seems to have found religion now that he is back out of the government."

Government spending and federal deficits are only a concern for Republicans when Democratic politicians in office.

Wallace then panned Kudlow's wild accusations about the Green New Deal, saying there's no way Congress could ever pass such legislation because it would destroy the country.

Fear mongering when Democrats are in office is the only card Kudlow plays.

Co-host John Roberts was also amused by Kudlow's sudden worries about government spending.

"I talked to Larry Kudlow one time and he told me now is not the time to worry about spending money. It's free. interest rate so so low so throw as much money at the problem to try to fix it," Roberts laughed.

Larry Kudlow is a serial liar that told the country Trump had COVID under control almost a year ago.

Closing in on 550K lives lost from the pandemic, Kudlow is just as responsible as the traitor-in-chief.

At least someone on Fox News is calling out the hypocrisy.


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