The NRO's Kevin Williamson was a complete jackass as usual and accused the protesters of being willing to murder people, just because he allegedly saw some people were passing out books by Mao Zedong. You see, Lenin and his pals in kind murdered
October 20, 2011

The NRO's Kevin Williamson was a complete jackass as usual and accused the protesters of being willing to murder people, just because he allegedly saw some people were passing out books by Mao Zedong. You see, Lenin and his pals in kind murdered 120 million people, so just having a few fringers expressing Marxist ideas means the entire group are going to resort to murder and murder they will. Tina is in New York City this week and went down at #OWS today and guess what? She didn't see a book by Mao.

I was shocked to see Armstrong Williams as a panelist for CNBC. He was busted for being paid to sell Bush propaganda for NCLB as original news to his audience so the only thing he's really an expert in is being a crook, a liar and a con man. I guess he fits right in to Kudlow's camp.

Remember when Jon Stewart schooled CNBC and Rick Santelli in 2009? Cramer tried to defend himself and his network, but he got creamed by Jon soon after. These CNBC gasbags cheered on Bush while masquerading as a news organization, played a huge role in lulling Americans to not see that conservative policies were leading the world economy into ruin. They acted out for real the story that Nero fiddled while Rome was burning down. Every day, that's just what CNBC's crackerjack team of business insiders and reporters did. They pulled out their violins and played solo after solo as the market crashed and burned underneath their feet. Fortunately for them, they escaped any harm and lived on to keep fiddling as the American workers suffer for their misdeeds. Anyway, Kudlow and Thieves were asking if Obama should support the #OWS movement.

Williams: He's looking for votes and a third of them embrace violence, they don't have a problem with that.

Can this man be trusted to say anything honestly? How dare CNBC put on Armstrong Williams and keep a straight face?

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The poor CNBC Democratic pundit Keith Boykins was very good, but he had to suffer from the ramblings of three morons. Sorry for all the ad hominem attacks. They are truly disgusting people. And its a three to one tussle. Kudlow must be really insecure and afraid if he needed that much back up. Continue below the fold.

Boykins: If you had gone to a tea party rally in 2009 and polled 200 random people you would have come up with a weird conclusion who those people were as well. This is a 31 day old movement …Of course, the tea party was perfect (sarcasm)

Williamson: They are giving away books by Lenin and Mao now, this is an organization that is supporting a philosophy that in the twentieth century murdered one hundred and twenty million people. Don't tell me they're non-violent. You know, I'm watching them commit acts of vandalism down there. I'm watching them commit working toward confrontation with the police. (No proof of course)

Boykins: You don't want to address the issues.

Williamson: If you're a communist group, you're self-demonizing just as if you're a Nazi group. Is Lenin a communist or what?

Kudlow: They call themselves comrades..

Boykins: Who's they, Larry?

Kudlow: The leaders of the group address each other as comrades. Now Armstrong Williams, I would never call you comrade, but what do you make of hearing that word, comrade?

Armstrong: Comrade in Arms. If violence necessitates today, then violence it will be.

Boykins: They were waving American flags, they were protesting the excesses…(interrupted) I was there. I didn't see anyone there using 'comrade." I have video recorded on my iPhone. I can show you what's going on there.

The CNBC transcripts section didn't include Williamson's murder ravings by the way. These twerps are so hoping for violence from #OWS that it oozes out of their pores. In our book, Over The Cliff, David Neiwert and I warned that the radical right would employ violence, not because we wished anyone harm, but because that's what history tells us. I'm really sorry that it came to pass. We didn't egg on Ron Poplawski to murder three policemen, but he was a Beck fan. We didn't create the hateful rhetoric that has been transmitted into our society, but Fox News and AM talk radio does. We didn't have a hand in creating the Hutaree Militia murder plot. We didn't promote violence against people who oppose the pro-choice movement like Operation Rescue and Bill O'Reilly did, which resulted in the murder of Dr. Tiller by Scott Roeder. We didn't target conservatives in our book the way Bernie Goldberg did to liberals in his own book which resulted in Jim David Adkisson murdering innocent people in a Unitarian church in Knoxville because Bernie's fermented his hatred.

Kudlow claimed that Schoen's poll was scientific. That idiocy alone should tell you how to evaluate every other thing that comes out of his mouth. What was Schoen's methodology?

He sent a colleague down to one protest location in New York to interview a vanishingly small sample of protesters.

First off, this is not "random." The selection pool was extremely localized, and governed by one person picking and choosing subjects to interview. How did Schoen's associate select interviewees, eeny-meeny-miny-moe? What was the gender breakdown? Race? Income? Were other protesters present for the interviews? Did they hear the questions asked before being asked themselves?

Second, a survey of "nearly 200 protesters" at one park in New York no more "represents" the Occupy Wall Street movement than Doug Schoen does the Democratic electorate. Yesterday the Journal reported on how the Occupy Wall Street protests have spread to cities across the country and the world. Schoen claims to have captured the ethos of a global movement by sending a coworker to wander around a small corner of southern Manhattan.

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