April 1, 2021

Sean Hannity gets credit for admitting to his audience that he got the COVID vaccine and recommends that others do it. He mentioned that, we believe, a total of one time.

But it's a slow news week right before Easter, and Sean has to come up with something to fill his hour, and he's notoriously lazy, despite being paid over two million dollars a MONTH by the network.

So Sean, of course, takes the easy way out. Punch immigrants, California, and the teachers' union. Voila:

SEAN HANNITY: I'm trying to understand this. It's illegal to enter this country. If you enter this country without our permission, you've broken the law. Now after you're in the country illegally, now you have to get educated? Can your district say, "Sorry, but we're not going to aid and abet lawbreaking"? I know it's a sanctuary state out there in the united socialist utopia known as California. But I would imagine if you stood for the rule of law, you might have a strong case to make.

JIM DESMOND (GUEST): Well, my understanding is that if they're here, they're-- constitutionally, we're required to educate them.

Weird that all four of Sean's grandparents were immigrants at a time when there was no limit on how many Irishmen could enter the US "legally," yet Sean makes his literal fortune telling people like his grandparents they don't have the right to be taught to read.

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