April 28, 2021

Why do they let this guy from EWTN into the briefing room? Owen Jensen, from Eternal Word Television Network was allowed back in to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki's briefing. Again.

Now, this post could focus on his insipid questions about when President Biden was going to appoint an ambassador to the Holy See, or why the administration lifted the ban on fetal tissue research, or how the White House could possibly take the position that it values the lives of children who are trans.

It could be about Psaki's no-nonsense and deft answers shutting him down.

But it's not. It's about why. I want to know why he is permitted to enter the briefing room when his obvious, stated agenda is religious and only religious.

Are there reporters there from The Forward? How about Jewish Action magazine? Are there reporters from Al-Jumah, or from Islamic Horizons? Are there Jews in the briefing room demanding of Psaki she account for the reasons why the Biden administration doesn't ban the eating of pork? Imagine if a reporter asked why Pres. Biden wasn't keeping his promise to unify the nation by demanding the closing of all businesses on the Jewish Sabbath.

How the heads would explode over at Fox News if a Muslim reporter wondered with a raised eyebrow why there are no talks with Congress to enact laws to require all citizens fast during Ramadan. After all, didn't he run on the promise to bring the country together? Why don't we see that?

I'll tell you why. One reason is that Jews don't proselytize. Forget about proselytizing, like, we don't even WANT you. I mean, look at how hard we make it for people who aren't born Jewish to become a Jew. It's harder than an 8-year residency at The Mayo Clinic. And as far as my shallow knowledge goes, nothing in the Five Pillars of Islam mandates imposing their religious beliefs on non-believers, either.

Christians, on the other hand? I know, I know, broad brush and all that, but at the core of Christian practice lurks conversion. Spreading The Word. And Right-wing Evangelicals? Dogmatic radical Catholics? The worst. And that, THAT is who Owen Jensen is. THAT is who they are letting into the White House to ask Jen Psaki questions about Pres. Biden's policies.

They aren't just regular old questions, though. He's not asking about environmental regulations or holding Russia accountable for bounties on the heads of American soldiers. He wants to know why Biden is not enacting policies that appease his religious beliefs, and that of his network's viewers. They aren't based in science. They're based in narrow, radical, religious interpretation. The worst of it is, they're based on the insistence that government impose his religious beliefs on the nation.



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