June 9, 2021

CNBC reports that the Koch machine has been lobbying hard to push Sen. Joe Manchin to oppose Democratic priorities, and I could at least understand those affects if he were a freakin' Republican and worried about a primary challenge. But he's a Democrat! (Remember, Manchin voted to impeach Trump. Republicans didn't.)

CNBC reviewed an episode of a Koch policy group Americans for Prosperity’s video series, along with ads crafted by the organization. The network specifically calls on its grassroots supporters to push Manchin, a conservative Democrat, to be against some of his party’s legislative priorities.

Americans for Prosperity launched a website titled West Virginia Values, which calls on people to email Manchin “to be The Voice West Virginia Needs In D.C. — Reject Washington’s Partisan Agenda.”

It then lists all of the items Manchin has promised to oppose, including the idea of eliminating the filibuster, the For the People Act and packing the Supreme Court. It then shows everything the group believes Manchin should oppose, including Biden’s infrastructure plan and the union-friendly PRO Act.

Americans for Prosperity leaders took part in one of their video series with their West Virginia state director in May where they praised Manchin for voicing his opposition to abolishing the filibuster. Both Americans for Prosperity and Manchin have said they believe eliminating the filibuster would exacerbate partisanship.

Understand, the real reason why Koch groups and other conservative organizations like the Heritage Foundation oppose the For the People Act are the campaign finance reforms that will impede their efforts to buy off politicians. Can't have that!

But that can't be the whole story, because actual voters in West Virginia don't come close to agreeing with Manchin:


Maybe Joe's just an old-fashioned corporatist, and is afraid of the possibility of Americans for Prosperity putting up a Democratic puppet to run against him.

If only he could learn to trust the voters.


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