Rep. Jasmine Crockett blasted Gov. Abbott (Death-TX) for trying to ram through voter suppression and other extremist laws he knows he can’t pass democratically. Instead of negotiating, "He's given to me more reasons not to go back," she said.
August 15, 2021

After fleeing the state to block a quorum in the Texas House, Crockett said, “If it’s up to me, I’ll continue to hold the line.” Some of her colleagues have returned to the Capitol in an attempt to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. But she thinks they only "fell for" Abbott's games.

Abbott “stands on the wrong side of history” on the pandemic, too, Crockett said. So much so that her school district in Dallas is ignoring his ban on face mask mandates. But things could get worse.

CROCKETT: We know where he's going. The sad part is that if Democrats give them a quorum, what will happen is he will codify into law that no one will have the power to do things such as mask mandates even in the midst of a public health emergency like the one that we're facing now.

Democrats do not have enough power in the legislature to stop his extremist agenda which also includes attacks on abortion and transgender rights. “We walk in, they steamroll,” Crockett said. “All they want to do is have our bodies there so that they can steamroll us.”

Abbott could negotiate with Democrats to bring them back. Instead, Crockett said, he’s given her “more reasons not to go back.” Abbott “doesn't care about Texans,” Crockett continued. “All he cares about is his upcoming primary and making sure that he can win in the primary because he knows that once these voter restrictions are in place, he can take this thing to Texas.”

It’s at least as much about race as it is the Big Lie. Biden only lost the state by five points, Crockett pointed out, and that’s scaring Abbott and his anti-democratic cronies. The census just found that only 180,000 Anglos were added to Texas in the last 10 years, a pittance compared to the half million Black and Asian people, and the 2 million Latinos. The Republicans are afraid that if they don’t do something now, the legislature “is going to start to look like what the state looks like,” she said.

And they can’t stand the thought of a legislature looking like the population.


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