September 26, 2021

Leave it to Fox's Tucker Carlson to manage to combine anti-vax propaganda and more racist white supremacist rhetoric into one long dangerous screed, but that's what his viewers were treated to this Friday on his White Power Hour.

Carlson is none to happy with Biden over vaccine mandates, and to placate his anti-vax Trumper audience, Carlson blamed the hospitals being overrun all over the country on migrants, and claimed that vaccine mandates, rather than burnout were causing worker shortages in hospitals.

Tuckems also seems to believe that if there are any vaccinated people sick with COVID anywhere in the country, you can no longer say that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, ignoring the fact that what Biden was talking about is the fact that most of the people clogging up hospitals haven't been vaccinated. No one ever said there weren't any breakthrough cases or that there haven't been any deaths among the vaccinated.

Here's transcript of his dangerous nonsense for anyone that doesn't want to subject themselves to actually having to listen to him:

CARLSON: But let's get to the core allegation here, that the unvaccinated our somehow dangerous to the rest of the country. That's what the president just said. Before we assess all of his let's take a quick trip back to reality. Unvaccinated people may be in danger of getting sick from COVID, everybody has to make that determination personally based on age and health. But the unvaccinated post precisely zero danger to anyone who has been vaccinated. None.

Let's repeat that because it's a central point here and it's almost never made. If you are vaccinated against COVID-19, you face no conceivable danger whatsoever from people who have not been vaccinated. Unvaccinated people cannot hurt you.

So calm down. That's the science. If you don't believe the science , you have instead embraced witchcraft and superstition. Please get a grip and excuse your self from any conversation about public policy because you're too irrational to contribute to it. Again, the vaccinated face no health risk from unvaccinated, and the fact that the president is claiming otherwise is shocking and wrong.

Now to Biden's claim that the unvaccinated are somehow destroying our hospital systems. Oh, the irony, one of many. This is the same president who is allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to enter our country every single month, and promising them all free healthcare.

So, the next time you show up to the emergency room and can't get in, the next time your injury is ignored because there aren't enough people to serve you in the hospital, you can rest assured it's not unvaccinated Americans who are clogging the system. It's not. It's the rest of the world. In just eight months, Joe Biden has done more than any president in our history to wreck the American healthcare system, and yet he is blaming it in one of the great acts of political diversion ever on people who won't take the shot.

This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated overcrowd our hospitals. Overrunning intensive care units, leaving no room for someone with a heart attack or cancer operation to get the lifesaving care because the places where they would get that care are crowded, they are not available.

Such an outrageous lie, it's unbelievable. More than 1 million people coming in this year who he promised free healthcare, and he's blaming it on people who didn't get the shot? Many of whom have natural immunity and are less likely to get sick than a vaccinated person from COVID? What a lie.

But let's assume it's true. Let's assume emergency rooms and ICUs are overrun with the unvaccinated. Then why is the Biden administration forcing healthcare workers to quit with vaccine mandates? That happened across the country. Whole wards and hospitals have been shut down because of Joe Biden's mandates.

It might be nice to have more doctors and nurses around in an emergency. By the way, at this point, and it could change, emergency rooms are not overrun with COVID patients. More than 20 percent of inpatient beds in this country are open and available, as of tonight. That's according to HHS data. Intensive care units are supposed to be occupied as close to capacity as possible are not full anywhere in the country.

What we do have, and it's getting worse is a severe staffing shortage at hospitals. Massive, and the mandates are making it much much worse.

Ask anyone in healthcare in the state of California, or in any state. One major hospital in Dallas the department of health and hospitals systems there's no one to bathe or turn patient anymore. They don't have enough stuff. In Little Rock, officials have offered $25,000 sending those bonuses to new nurses and they are still short-staffed. Looking at that, that is a crisis. What is Joe Biden's answer? Fire as many nurses as possible because the unvaccinated according to Joe Biden are the root of all these problems.

It is the pandemic of the unvaccinated. Think about that. Blaming regular Americans for a virus that American bureaucrats funded and the Chinese military created. If you don't follow his made-up law, laws with no precedent in all of American history, you're the reason we are all suffering. It's your fault, middle America. Of course it's always middle America's fault. And it's not just a pandemic of the unvaccinated. That's a lie, too. It's not true.

The vaccine over the death rate across the population from COVID, but they don't prevent death from COVID. According to the CDC, thousands of vaccinated Americans have died so far of COVID-19. According to the CDC, about 13,000 more have been hospitalized with life-threatening COVID symptoms.

Vaccinated people, it doesn't mean the vaccines are not bad, we aren't making that case, we are just making the obvious scientifically justifiable observation that no, it's not just the unvaccinated who get sick and die from COVID. That is a lie.

"Regular Americans." Maybe Carlson should tell those "regular Americans" who watch his show what his vaccination status is. Or what his employer's vaccination policy is. The reason we've got hospitals filling up with unvaccinated people across the country is because way too many of them are taking their cues from this dangerous monster night after night.

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