Continuing to squeeze any change a company makes into their 'woke, cancel culture' narrative to attack progressives, Republicans are reaching for Minnie Mouse next.
January 27, 2022

The ongoing effort to prove that almost any change in America, including cartoon characters and candy coloring, is an attack on Republicans, Fox News and other wingnut provocateurs had a fit when Minnie Mouse came out in a pantsuit.

On Wednesday, Jesse Watters brought on Candice Owens, who supported Trump so vehemently she defended Hitler's white nationalism to make Germany great, had a conniption fit over this latest affront to our fabric of our society,

Owens said, "This is why people don't take these people seriously? They're taking all these things that nobody was offended by, until they have to get rid of them and destroy them, because they're bored."

"They're trying to destroy the fabric of our society, saying there are issues..."

Who knew Minnie Mouse wearing a red dress was baked into the fabric of American society?

Then Owens claimed that the changes to Green M&Ms and Minnie Mouse is an effort by companies to deflect inflation problems from Biden.

Are there Deep State corporations now?

If Republican TV "news" didn't scream about their faux idiotic grievances to promote their "cancel culture" meme, their viewers wouldn't be focusing on them.

Even today, Fox News tried to make light of the Minnie Mouse kerfuffle and linked the new pants suit to Hillary Clinton.

Bill Hemmer asked, "Who else wears pants suits?"

Dana Perino says she does too. "You mean Hillary? Yeees, she loves her pantsuits..."

Hemmer said he would check with her office to see if she approves of the changes.


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