Move over CRT, Fox is now fear mongering that Satan has infested schools, libraries, universities and just about every public space across America. And it's "much more terrifying" than COVID!
January 15, 2022

Even a bimbo like Fox & Friends host Rachel Campos-Duffy surely knows that Satanism is no real threat to anything she holds dear in America. But she was more than happy to steamroller over truth and reason for the sake of ammo in the right-wing’s propaganda war on public education, libraries, diversity and democracy.

CAMPOS_DUFFY: For two years, the left has claimed that schools are unsafe for children due to COVID, but there's something much more terrifying lurking in the halls of one school in Illinois. The Jane Addams Elementary School held its first ever afterschool Satan club. That's right, a Satan club. The club is led by a local Satanic temple. According to a letter released by the school superintendent, no teachers from the school were involved and added that the club is allowed because the school is not permitted to discriminate against different religious viewpoints.

But that isn't an isolated incident Satanists are taking up cultural space all across America, like in the Illinois State house, where they successfully put up a statue of baby Satan. And you've heard of Comic Con, right? Well, there's a Satan Con taking place next month in Arizona.

With that introduction, Campos-Duffy welcomed Catholic podcast host and author of a book about “the plot to destroy the church from within,” Dr. Taylor Marshall.

Marshall not only kept up the fear mongering, he specifically tied Satanism to the left. It was a not-so-subtle call for right-wing, Christian ideology to take over public institutions in order to stop evil, in this case, literally the devil.

MARSHALL: Well, we're seeing an infiltration, and we've seen those on the left, antifa, Satanists all kinds of communist agitators. There's a strategic element here. They want to take over public civil space. We see them reading at the libraries, sporting events. Of course, the public universities, the colleges, high schools, and now in the elementary school, and this is really a, it's a flex. They're saying we are taking over the public space. We control the space, that means we control the narrative and we have the power.

So, all of these instances of the Temple of Satan and other leftist groups. What they're really saying - it's kind of like street gangs. You know they put their graffiti here and there to say this is our territory. This is what they're doing in our cultural space, and especially in civic centers. To show this is our power. This is our place. So I think we need to look at it from a cultural war point of view and see that this is really strategic and not isolated.

Campos-Duffy took the next step by suggesting that religious diversity and our First Amendment are enabling the devil.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Yeah, cultural and obviously spiritual. There's a legal angle to this as well, Doctor Marshall, because they're using our own laws to achieve this, right?

MARSHALL: Yeah, they're appealing to religious diversity and what's odd about the temple saying - if you look into them, they claim that they don't believe in Satan. They don't believe in anything, they believe in themselves, and so they're trying to qualify themselves as a religion and then on that basis they're trying to get all the rights that other religions, other churches, and other faiths enjoy in this world. And they're really using it as a mockery of Christianity, chiefly to say maybe all these special privileges that religions get, they shouldn't have them, and by propping themselves up and getting Christians to protest them, it's sort of a reverse argument. And in a way it is. You know it is whimsically satanic. They're rebelling and perverting and inverting God and the church. And what is true and beautiful and what is good.

“Absolutely,” Campos-Duffy agreed. She went on to whine about the “really upsetting” Satan Con in Scottsdale , where her mother lives. She said many Catholics and Christians are getting together “to pray and sort of thwart whatever they’re doing there, in that Satan Con.” But what can other Americans do about “such an attack on the culture?”

Fortunately, Marshall only specifically recommended prayer and fasting to counter Satan Con. But he also hinted that stronger activism to make America more (right-wing) Christian would be God-approved:

MARSHALL: You know if you're a Christian, if you really believe in God, you believe the words of Christ, you should be making an impact in the world. You know Christ says that were to be light in the world so we should be taking up space, you know we, we shouldn't be sitting back and letting them enter into this vacuum. We should be out there publicly praying, representing our faith. And, you know, they've also been attacking statues and crucifixes. And Ten Commandments all over the country. We should be defending that and we should be out in the public more so than them. They're a very small group. We are in the millions, hundreds of millions. We should be out in public and we should be promoting that. Which is true and and the ideals and the teachings of Christ. So, I really think this is a challenge for us to actually step up our game and be out in the public.

Campos-Duffy gave her seal of approval. She closed by saying, “Great point, you're right on all points.”

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