January 28, 2022

Fox News host Jesse Watters is a disgusting pig.

That statement was certified after The Five co-hosts Jeanine Pirro and Dana Perino cut him off.

VP Kamala Harris expressed some displeasure of being in the DC bubble, which weirdly caused Fox News host Jesse Watters to demonstrate why he's a misogynistic fool.

Watters ranted about how Harris should be grateful to be in the DC Bubble. Then he said this malarkey.

"I’m sorry to say this, but many people are saying this. I am not saying this, but many are saying, that this sounds like a typical female problem." , Watters had the nerve to say in Trumpian fashion.

After audible groans came from his co-hosts, he yelled, "I'm not saying it, this is what people are telling me."

Then why say it at all?

Dana Perino grabbed his hand to get him to stop.

Pirro pointed at him to stop speaking, but Watters wouldn't.

He was on a misogynistic roll.

"She feels this way, She feels sad, she chose this job!" Watters countered.

"Stop it, Jesse!" Pirro yelled off camera.

"Jesse, Stop it!" The camera cut back to Pirro as she was giving Jesse the cut off sign by putting her hand over her throat.

"Jesse, Stop it!" As Watters continued, Pirro said, "Dana, would you like to cut him off?"

Watters finally stopped.

Watters took the 'some people say' routine further by saying he's not saying it's, but other people are saying she was having that time of the month. Since other people are saying it, therefore it's okay if I repeat it to millions of people.

Some people told me Watters was on Viagra during the show.

What he was really implying is that Harris is not qualified to be in office because she's a woman.

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