February 23, 2022

I have never seen a supposed "news service" attack a sitting president so relentlessly when the country is faced with a serious national security threat.

“He's weak, he's not strong, he's mentally challenged, he's out of his depth. On the other hand, Putin is a strong virile man!” Those are just some of the daily recurrent themes.

It's treacherous.

Earlier this morning on Fox and Friends, the three Trump loving co-hosts blamed Biden for Russia invading Ukraine.

And they used their favorite Benghazi talking points to prove it.

After giving their viewers a revisionist history lesson about Putin, Russia and Ukraine, Doocy stepped up to the plate.

"He's got one playbook and he's going to it again. The Putin playbook. He's done this before when he went into -- when everything happened with Georgia back in the day.

Ainsley Earhardt stepped up next to share her vapid wisdom to their audience.

"He knows how Biden handled Afghanistan. That was a disaster. He also lost two embassies. He has lost the Afghanistan embassy and now the Ukrainian embassy has moved to Poland. When he was vice president, Benghazi happened. And, even, we know that [former Secretary of Defense Robert] Gates said he has been wrong on every foreign policy and national security issue for the past four decades. He looks very weak, and Russia is taking advantage of it," Earhardt said.

It must have taken her all night to write and memorize those words.

When Traitor Trump sent love letters to China and North Korea's presidents they were enthralled.

TRUMP: We go back and forth, and then we fell in love, OK?


No, really. He wrote me beautiful letters. And they're great letters. We fell in love.

When Traitor Trump debased the entire US intelligence service by groveling to Putin in Helsinki and denying Russian interference because Putin said so they were overjoyed.

The world is at a precipice with Putin and yet these right-wing chatter heads are continually feeding Russian propaganda to their viewers.

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