John Durham's Friday night court filing, filled with allegations but not facts, is falling apart as we speak, but Fox is upset the rest of the media won't flog it anyway.
February 15, 2022

Fox News hyped the John Durham Friday "news" dump in a way that pushed toward self-parody.

Since all other major news outlets have seen it for what it is, Fox News attacked those networks for refusing to follow their lead.

Mark Sumner writes that Durham's latest filing adds no indictments:

Late on Friday, special counsel John Durham filed a shocking document with the court in which he indicted no one for anything. It adds no charges or suspects, and concerns only the technical possibility of a conflict of interest for a law firm which, Durham admits in the opening section, could be addressed with a simple voluntary statement.

And as we've reported it adds nothing at all to the case at hand except to help promote right-wing freakouts on Fox News' airwaves.

On America's Newsroom earlier today, Fox News attacked every news network for not promoting a story that's not really a story at all.

Hemmer read a quote from a source inside Durham's investigation that was supposed to give more information to their viewers about the seriousness of Durham's report.

But it was just more hot air.

A source told Fox News, " Durham does this right and keeps it secret. There's been much more activity that hasn't been visible to the public."


Hemmer then claimed the Durham filing was "That bombshell of a report late on Friday alleging the Clinton campaign paid a tech company to infiltrate servers at both the Trump Towers and the White House."

"Alleging" is the keyword here because it's not true. This whole thing is fictitious dribble to animate the radical right.

Hemmer continued, "You would not know it from watching the news though. Just about all the of the mainstream networks turning a blind eye thus far to the story as you see on screen."

When there's nothing to see it's not because they are blind.

Fox News has abandoned all pretexts that it actually works as a news organization. This latest propaganda freakout smells of intense desperation to protect Donald Trump, period.

Marcy Wheeler gives more details here.

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