February 23, 2022

Above: a compilation video of both CNN and MSNBC's coverage. -- eds.

For first time in US history, a former CIA director and US Secretary of State was used as Russian propaganda -- as Mike Pompeo celebrated Vladimir Putin invading a sovereign nation.

That's almost as bad as the former president calling Putin a genius and attacking the sitting US president as Biden deals with a massive international incident.

CNN reported that Russian TV simply loved Mike Pompeo's effusive praise of Vladimir Putin. They are playing his compliments on their airwaves non-stop.

CNN's New Day interviewed Daily Beast columnist Julia Davis, who monitors Russian state media.

Davis said, "They are thrilled with those statements, they replay them ad nausea, and to them, it is a sign of total weakness, that even Americans are not united, and to them that proves that they don't know for sure that Russia is doing anything wrong and look at these major figures, the former head of the CIA, the former president, Tucker Carlson — who they praise and refer to as practically their co-host — to them that means that they're winning the information war in the United States as well," she explained.

Over on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough bashed "the useful idiots" of the Republican party, including Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo.

"You have Trump Republicans lifting up and elevating Vladimir Putin in this time of crisis. It is absolutely disgusting," Scarborough said.

“We now have useful idiots on the Trump right that are apologizing for Vladimir Putin. The term fits them tightly, like a glove.”

Joe Scarborough had particularly tough words for his former colleagues the House Republicans, who released a truly embarrassing tweet about Biden. Scarborough said House Republicans should "hang their heads in shame," as if House Republicans have any shame at all.

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