April 6, 2022

Joy Reid and Elie Mystal had an enlightening conversation last night about the plot to equate Democratic figures like Judge Kentanji Brown-Jackson with pedophilia.

"Pedophiles, it's also a very specific trigger for a group that is sinking its teeth into our political discourse. Folks like Marjorie Taylor Greene know that," she said.

"There's a reason her pro-pedophile tweet is the attack du jour. It's a bat signal to Qanon. Joining me now is justice correspondent for The Nation. Elliott, you have made this point before when these people are saying over and over again, 'Pedophile, pedophile, pedophile,' and associating that with any Democrat in front of them, they are -- it is a dog whistle to get the Qanon people and sic them on whoever that is.

"And you've talked about the fact that they know these people are dangerous and they're doing it on purpose because they don't care if this judge, Judge Jackson, gets hurt. I'm gonna let you talk," she said.

"When I first brought this up, what did these conservatives say? 'How dare you say that asking questions about her record is inciting violence against her?' But you see, they ain't questions anymore. Because Unfrozen Caveman Congresswoman is no longer asking questions, she's making declarative statements about pedophilia and who is for it, and who is against it," Mystal said.

"And that is basically what you saw all throughout the Senate Judiciary committee yesterday, starting with hypocrite Lindsey Graham and going on down through the whole party. Now, these attacks are designed to attack Ketanji Brown-Jackson, not her record, but her personal character, and that we know that these attacks can put her life and the life of her family and children in danger.

"We know they know that. And we know they have something particularly that they are angry at her about. And it is not the alleged pedophile sentencing record. It is the fact that Ketanji Brown-Jackson sentenced Edgar Walsh, who was the guy who went to Comet Pizza in Washington D.C. looking for the pedophile ring to do violence. He's the Pizzagate guy. Ketanji Brown-Jackson sentenced him. You know, they didn't talk about that sentencing. No, they want -- they didn't want to talk about the time where Ketanji Brown-Jackson sentenced that guy to four years in prison.

"So the Qanon people are angry at her already. And now they have come over the top with these pedophilia attacks. It is designed to put her life in danger, and that's -- this is what they're doing on purpose."

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