The “constitutionalists” on Fox News dialed up their “Democrats and George Soros are trying to destroy our country” fear mongering in order to pressure Texas Gov. Abbott to seize unconstitutional power and deport migrants.
April 30, 2022

Cohost Rachel Campos-Duffy got the dishonest, white-nationalist fear mongering going.

CAMPOS-DUFFY Fox News reported on this last week. There is a secretive Soros-funded group that is actually advising this administration. That is where these [immigration] policies come from. Remember, George Soros is the Open Society. You know, they're all about, globalists, no-border society. I think they are trying to destroy our country because I can't imagine why else you would want D.A.s who don't enforce the law and put criminals behind bars. This is unsustainable. And I tell you what, if you live on the border, you feel absolutely abandoned by your government.

Of course, Campos-Duffy lives thousands of miles away from the border but she’s willing to lie in order to persuade others, regardless of where they live, to get out their pitchforks and torches, in service of her white-nationalist, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

Cohost and war-criminal advocate Pete Hegseth put the direct pressure on Abbott to break the law in service of white nationalism:

HEGSETH:: On the left, if you’re envisioning this borderless society, then this chaos is an inevitable transition to a future utopian world. …

If everything is on the table then why shouldn't the state of Texas effectively say we’re being invaded, which constitutionally, some say, would give them the right to actually enforce and deport, which the federal government right now refuses to do. I think that's a part of the debate that conservatives and patriots and others should be having, including pressuring Governor Abbott to say, are you really doing everything you can.

Cohost Will Cain agreed.

“Why doesn’t he do that?" Campos-Duffy “asked.” “It’s Texas, for God’s sake.” She claimed, without offering any evidence, that “the people want it.”

Cain said it might have to do with a constitutional challenge that would follow. Then, as if subverting the constitution were no biggie, he quickly changed the subject to pretend that it’s not about bigotry, it’s about, as he later put it, “believ[ing] in the United States of America.” Just not believing in the U.S. Constitution, apparently.

CAIN: When it comes to illegal immigration and the chaos at the southern border, really has nothing to do with race. We know that right?

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Of course.

Instead, Hegseth promoted the “it’s the (dark-people loving) Democrats who are the enemy, hell-bent on destroying America” message. Cain and Campos-Duffy provided the chorus of agreement:

HEGSETH: They are controlling massive levers at the White House and outside organizations, to your point, and nongovernmental organizations as well. All happy to facilitate this transfer, a lot of it based on the fact that America is built on stolen land anyway, from their point of view. So who are we to say this is our land anyway? Remake it all. We actually dive into the radical nature of how they think. That’s how they rationalize it.

CAIN: I think you’re right, by the way. That's been in the background of this debate for a long time. Just a simple belief we don't believe in borders. And if you don't believe in borders, then you really don't believe in nationality. You don't believe in the existence of nation states. So, you don't believe in the United States of America.


They put a bow on it by tying it all up with their attack on public schools and vaccines:

HEGSETH: And you don't think America is good anymore, right? I mean, that's what we’re teaching kids.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: I think that there’s definitely that philosophy and that's why I brought up this secretly-funded Soros group that is behind the scenes in the Biden administration. That’s definitely the philosophy of that group. But there’s also profit incentive. There is a lot of NGOs, I'm sorry, including the Catholic church, which I'm very ashamed of, that are making a lot of money off of this entire process. There are people who are getting a lot of funding from the government in order to deal with the migration chaos.

HEGSETH: Just like the vaccine stuff. There’s multiple potential incentives and layers to it as well.

You know who’s really making a lot of money here? The multi-millionaire Fox News hosts and the Murdoch family that rakes in the even bigger piles of dough the hate-for-pay brings in - with a possible even bigger payout if their rhetoric pays off with greater authoritarian power.

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