April 13, 2022

The absurdity that is Fox News continued today as Outnumbered co-host Harris Faulkner ranted about "ghost-hammers" after a subway attack in order to bash New York's Democratic lawmakers.

Yesterday, ten Brooklyn subway travelers were shot by a gunman while twenty three were injured which precipitated Fox News is orgasmic attacks.

At first the term "ghost hammers" appears to be a jab at President Biden, who is singling out those weapons that are very hard to track, but after re-watching it appears Faulkner believes "ghost hammers" are a thing.

After playing a short video clip of NY Governor Kathy Hochul's reaction, Faulkner was livid.

"Well the buck stops with her, the buck stops with the mayor of the city!" she said.

Faulkner continued, "And how do we address the burst in violent crime on the subways that deal with knives and hammers. Are we going after those? Are there ghost hammers? Can we talk about those?"

Say, what? All hammers and construction tools need serial numbers to be tracked?

Faulkner flailed against Eric Adams for at first downplaying crime on the subways when he first took office. However, in mid-January, Mayor Adams changed his mind said, “We know we have a job to do, we’re going to do both – we’re going to drive down crime and we going to make sure New Yorkers feel safe in our subway system, and they don’t feel that way now.”

Republicans are such hypocrites. Whenever a mass shooting took place under Trump, they defended him and Republican lawmakers vociferously and said it was left wing politics to take away your guns. They usually blamed the violence only mental illness.

Since COVID struck, crime has risen in response to the pandemic as well as inflation. But Fox News uses Russian-styled propaganda to never give a true accounting of things to their viewers.

It's always Democrats are bad, and Republicans have been anointed by Jesus.

(h/t Raw Story)


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