July 28, 2022

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia agreed to pass the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 that includes monies to fight climate change and help average Americans afford healthcare.

The outcry of angry that rippled across Fox News and the GOP could be heard around the world.

I have eight words for them: "How does it feel, how does it feel?"

If you've been watching Fox News or FOX Business this morning, a person would think Manchin was a Republican. How DARE HE buck his party and side with Biden?

On Fox Business' Varney & Co, Stuart was livid.

"Senator Joe Manchin has caved!" Varney exclaimed.

Varney continued, "For months, he said no spending, no big tax hikes. Now he says it's okay to spend...Take a 1/2 a trillion tax hike and stick it to big business."

On Fox and Friends, Charles Payne went even further, accusing the conservative Democratic Senator of trying to pal around with AOC. OMG!

Payne spent a long time bashing climate change monies and electric cars and then claimed any sort of tax hike against Big Business would cause massive job losses, which is ridiculous.

Payne said, "Apparently, all of his friends in the party being mad at him, got to him. I thought he was made of stronger stuff than that. I thought he was a principled guy, but apparently, you know he wants AOC to be his friend."


Hey Charles, being friends with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a great thing in the Democratic Party.

Again, Manchin is a Democratic Senator.

Doocy did outline the excellent health care spending within the bill, but of course, any money trying to combat corporate-led climate change is Satan's work, according to Fox News.


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