January 10, 2023

During today's press gaggle with House Republicans, Rep. Steve Scalise gave a nonsensical description of what the debt ceiling is, raising red flags Republicans will hold it hostage.

A reporter asked a simple question:

"Can you guarantee that Republicans will not default on our debt?"

Instead of assuring the world that the credit of the US is golden, Scalise launched into a long and ridiculous analogy of what the debt ceiling is, describing it as if it was a regular credit card while never saying Republicans wouldn't default.

"Why are we maxing out the credit card? This is the nation's credit card," Scalise said.

The debt ceiling was established in 1917, during World War I, but was never used as a bargaining chip by either political party until Newt Gingrich came into play in 1995.

When Republicans held the Oval Office, House Republicans never played chicken with the debt ceiling and either increased it or suspended it. Still, as soon as Obama assumed office, Republicans shut down the government over it.

Now that Biden holds the presidency, these MAGA Republicans appear to be planning to default on the full faith and credit of the US, in an effort to attack our social safety nets. For political gain.

This kind of political posturing will affect the actual pocketbooks of every one of us. It's pointless and cruel, but that's their point.


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