Romney Thanks Crazy Supporter Who Says He Needs A Gun To Defend Himself Against A 'Tyrannical Government'

5 years ago by David

While the Village press keeps presenting Willard as "the moderate" or "the technocrat" or the "sensible" Republican, the candidate himself is giving no indication he's anything of the sort. Check out this completely bizarre exchange in which a wingnut supporter asks Willard if he's going to "come and get my gun."

GUN NUT: There are over 9 million of us in that voting bloc and I just wondered what you're going to do, are you going to allow me to keep my gun, to protect myself and my family, in my home, and not come and get my gun. Because I want to keep it to protect myself and my wife and my family and against a tyrannical government, which I think we're approaching and we are in, very close.

ROMNEY: Thank you, thank you. I believe in the Second Amendment...

For Willard to stand there and thank this loon for saying that the federal government poses a physical threat to him and his family is truly appalling -- a dereliction of duty -- and should instantly disqualify him from the presidency. Seriously. The idea that you need to own a concealed weapon to fight off the FBI and ATF is beyond crazy -- it's black helicopter, Clinton-killed-Vince-Foster, McVeigh-Was-Right crazy.

At least when John McCain was confronted with similar ugliness, he responded appropriately.

Anyway, I hate to break it to this whackjob and thousands of other mouth-breathers just like him, but if the "tyrannical gubmint" -- which has a bunch of missiles, tanks and gunships lying around -- actually decides to take his gun, his cute little concealed hand gun isn't going to be much help.


(h/t David)


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