Dick Armey Hilariously Blames GOP For Tea Party Candidates' Losses In 2012

Dick Armey, the wingnut grifter who just bamboozled FreedomWorks out of a cool $8M--was asked a pretty awesome question by Norah O'Donnell--why did so many of your Teabagger candidates lose?

O'DONNELL: You are leaving FreedomWorks, an organization of Tea Party people, and I want to ask you about that record because FreedomWorks spent $40 million dollars in the last election, and you had less than one in four of a winning record on the candidates that you backed. Was it the organization or is the Tea Party weakened?

ARMEY: No, I don't think that's at all, we had a lot of candidates quite frankly that did dumb things out there...I don't think the Republican Party schooled their candidates very well or supported their candidates very well.

Got that? FreedomWorks epic fail isn't Dick Armey's fault. The candidates screwed up, the GOP screwed up. But Dick Armey is blameless.

ARMEY: We had a least two candidates that should've won, that frankly lost because they said some stupid things on a subject that their party's leaders should've schooled them to stay away from in the first place.

Once again, Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock didn't say "stupid" things--they accurately and honestly reflected their party's extremist views on choice. And a party that relies on fundie shock troops to win at the polls simply can't "stay away" from the abortion issue.

So to review: Dick Armey spends $40M on Teabagger candidates, loses over 75% of those races--then parachutes out with $8M for himself, while blaming everyone but himself on the way out.

The Party of Personal Responsibility strikes again!


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