[media id=7444] You know Bill O'Reilly's in prime form, as he was Friday night, when he kicks off his Talking Points Memo segment calling Paul Krugma
March 1, 2009

You know Bill O'Reilly's in prime form, as he was Friday night, when he kicks off his Talking Points Memo segment calling Paul Krugman a "quasi socialist." Whee! It's all a rapid downhill shot from there.

The best part (in the same way careering, Calvinlike, in a high-speed toboggan off the cliff's edge and into the yawning abyss below is "the best part") came when discussing Obama's education programs:

O'Reilly: And gazillions more dollars will flow into America's schools. What good this will do I don't know, because if the kids walk around all day with iPods in their ears and rings in their noses, money simply won't matter.

Ah, going for that youth vote again, right? Well, at least O'Reilly has enough sense to recognize, even dimly, when he sounds like one of those fist-shaking old geezers on the street corner:

Now, Talking Points knows he's a mean guy. Criticizing the kids, come on, how can I do that? Whining about paying other people's bills when I'm a rich guy? That's just downright mean, is it not?

Well, that's the far left is portraying it. Listen to this new commercial from some progressive loons:

[Americans United for Change ad, "Americans Won't Take No For an Answer":

An economy in crisis. A president determined to act. But what did congressional Republicans say to President Obama's jobs and recovery plan? [Video: Mitch McConnell] "No." What did they say to 3.5 million jobs? [Video: John Boehner] "No." What did they say to tax cuts for 95 percent of working Americans? [Video: Eric Cantor] "No."

So who are Republican leaders listening to?

[Video of Rush Limbaugh: "I want him to fail."] ...

Well, that's what passes for debate these days on the far left -- running down anyone with whom they disagree. But as Talking Points said last night, President Obama is taking an enormous gamble, one that will affect all our lives. He has audacity, no question. But the outcome is still mostly hope.

Don't you just love it when Democrats attack Republicans for their public positions on policy and it gets dismissed by the BillOs of the media circus as somehow being too personal -- they're just "running down anyone with whom they disagree"? Evidently, stating the reasons you disagree with them is too much for their sensitive souls to bear.


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